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winnigns calculator ALL teams wins cash back in TAP! The spreadsheet that will appear below is a tool to calculate and distribute cash winnings either by matches played or evenly.

Captains pick up their team's cash at the Rally in the Vegas Valley. It's a good idea for teams to discuss how they want to divide the winnings at the beginning of a session. NOTE: Players with 6 or more matches are qualified with the team and eligible for awards and tournaments.

Follow these simple steps to distribute the winnings based on matches played:

1. Enter the total amount won; 2. Enter each of your players names;
3. Enter the number of matches each of those players competed in.


Use the "Distribute Evenly" option and enter your total and the number of players.

PoolNet is where all of the player's standings, handicaps and so much more are calculated and displayed. Players can see:

1) Who's the Best where players are compared at a local level and/or all of TAP, United States and/or Canada!

2) Individual standings in the Scout Module. Players can see how they perform against all skill levels and/or against each individual skill levels. The more data entered, the more interesting and helpful the results are.

Who's The Best

Login IS NOT required for Who's the best in TAP Las Vegas? Who's the best in all of TAP League? Who has the most break and runs this year to date? Players can find this and more in PoolNet, our state of the art statistical reporting and handicap tool.

To see "Who's The Best," select the option on the left sidebar (no login required). Leave it set to "All Territories" or select it and find "TAP Las Vegas" or whichever TAP league you want to view.

Select from:

  • Best Win Percentage
  • Most 8-Ball Breaks
  • Most Break & Runs
  • Most Rackless Nights

Uncheck USA and/or Canada if you wish.

The Start Date will default to one year prior to the date you are running the report. The Start Date cannot be any date before one year.

Select a handicap and "Submit" to see Who's the Best!!



Watch the video below to learn about viewing your personal statistics (aka Scout Module) and read more below. A login is required to see these statistics. Click here to request a login ID and password to VIEW YOUR PERSONAL STATISITICS.

Watch this short video, read below and then Login to PoolNet.

The Member Scout (individual player statistics) provides the statistics detailed below. Select 8-ball, 9-ball or 10-ball. Select a date range or leave it blank to see your entire history.

The Edit Personal Information provides players with the ability to update all of their contact information.

The handicaps players see on both of these statistics modules are 100% statistically based on the input from the score sheets that are completed and input each week into PoolNet. There are 5 weighted categories that give players across the U.S. and Canada a very fair and equal handicap based on overall playing ability. Click here to read more.

  • Match win-loss
  • Game win-loss
  • Ball Count Ratio (basically Completes/Misses)
  • Success Rate Shot - defines how successful you were in making your shots (basically Completes / Total shots)
  • Success Rate Ball – defines how successful you were in controlling your set of balls (basically Completes / Total balls available)
  • LOT / Games Lost
  • Opponent LOT / Games Won
  • Match Closeness – defines the percentage of the match that you or your opponent has left when it ends.
    • If the number is negative, it means what you have when your opponent wins. So -40% means you lost the match needing to win 40% of the games. So if you need 5 games to win, a -40% means you lost needed to win 2 more games.
    • If the number is positive, it is how much your opponent has left when you win. So 25% means you leave your opponent with 25% of his/her match to be played when you win. So if your opponent is going to 4 games, this would mean that he/she needed 1 more game to win the match.)
  • Player aggressiveness (Opponent complete/[Completes + LOT’s])
  • 8 on the break
  • Break & run

Trouble Shooting Tips

To view the schedules, you must have Adobe Reader. Click here to down load a FREE copy.

Your browser must also be up-to-date to support PoolNet. Click here for the newest version of Firefox or
click here for the newest version of Internet Explorer.

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