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Congratulations Vegas Pool Action,
2016 Vegas Masters 8-Ball Team State Champions!

8-Ball Team State Championship

The 2016 Vegas Masters 8-Ball State Championship was amazing!  Congratulations to our 2016 Vegas Masters 8-Ball Team State Champions, Vegas Pool Action!  Congratulations also to L8 Shooters for going hill/hill and winning 2nd place and to the Eliminators for winning 3rd place.

L8 Shooters

team 8 pool teamIn the Best of the Rest, congratulations to Team 8 for winning 1st Place and to Deez Cutz for winning 2nd Place.

We had two spectacular weekends watching some awesome games.  A very special thanks to all of our members for participating and doing their part to make it great!!  It is through the dedication of many that make it happen.  TAP ON!

deez cutz pool teamCongrats to our raffle winners!  Jason Osborn won the McDermott Stinger Jump Break Cue from Chappell Billiards and a shirt, George Specht won the Cannella Cinnamon Cordial, Trini Maldonado and Eric Nguyen won shirts as well.

A very special thanks to Mickey's Cues & Brews and their entire staff!  We greatly appreciate the hospitality.

Day 1 - Groups 1-3 Pics | Day 2 - Groups 4-7 Pics | Championship & Best of Rest Pics 1 | Album 2

Nationals Schedule

Congratulations Hot Shots, our 2016 Vegas Masters 9-Ball Team State Champions!!

hot shots pool teamHot Shots advances to compete at TAP Nationals in Charleston, South Carolina with a $4,200 prize package!  They'll stay and play at Embassy Suites decked out in their custom designed team shirts and be our guests at the exclusive TAP Welcome Party.  We are very excited that they will be joining us!

A very special thanks to Mickey's and their staff for providing us with a great venue and hospitality.

Scroll down for 8-ball information.

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In 2016, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the annual Vegas Masters State Championship tournament series to include an anticipated total prize fund of over $19,000! TAP has awarded over $120,000 and taken over 200 local players to great destinations to include Myrtle Beach, Orlando, Chicago, Nashville, Dallas, Philadelphia and even given players a Vegas vacation!

This tournament series brings best of the best together from all over Vegas to compete in singles and team 8-ball and 9-ball tournaments to advance and win trips to exciting destinations and compete at TAP Nationals!

We are the league that takes you places!

Below are the qualified 8-ball and 9-ball teams qualified for this event, along with the rosters for all 3 qualifying sessions.  NOTE: All teams from the summer session qualified for 9-ball.  Beginning with fall session in 2015, teams are required to place in the top 3.  Players and teams must meet all eligibility requirements listed in the 2016 Vegas Masters Road to Nationals.

8-Ball Singles Vegas Masters State Championship

Kim Watkins

The 2016 Vegas Masters Singles MVP State Championship took place on April 2 and 3, 9 and 10 at Mickey's Cues & Brews.  One hundred players competed in 8-ball and/or 9-ball over the two weekends for the State Championship title for their bracket and share of the over $5,000 prize fund that included 6 trips to Charleston, South Carolina!

Congratulations to our 8-Ball Vegas Masters State Champions who won undefeated: Jim Blakeman, 6/7 bracket; Jerry Gronewold, 4/5 bracket and Kim Watkins, 2/3 bracket! Congratulations also to Eric Nguyen for earning 2nd place in the 4/5 bracket with 35 players. These players, along with our 9-ball winners, Connie Foschi and David "Q" Quintana (see below) will be jetting off to Charleston, South Carolina to compete in TAP Nationals at Embassy Suites.

Jerry Gronewold

8-Ball side pot winners include Jim Blakeman for both side pots in the 6/7 bracket, Lloyd Gagnon for the super side pot in the 4/5 and Jerry Gronewold for the side pot in the 4/5 and Kim Watkins for the 2/3 Bracket.

chappell billiards

Congratulations to Sal Rotolo for winning a $200 Chappell Billiards gift certificate in our raffle. TAP members receive a 20% discount on most cues and cases from Chappell Billiards!

Final results:

8-Ball Skill Level 2/3
good job

1st Place - Kim Watkins
2nd Place - Bill Paolella - $100
3rd Place - Leslie Weishar
4th Place - Trini Maldonado

Jim BLakeman
8-Ball Skill Level 4/5:
Eric Nguyen

1st Place - Jerry Gronewold
2nd Place - Eric Nguyen
3rd Place - Doug Cacciola - $100
4th Place - Lloyd Gagnon
5th/6th Place - Lino Garcia and Wayne Triola

8-Ball Skill Level 6/7

1st Place - Jim Blakeman
2nd Place - Zeke DeRose - $100
3rd Place - David Quintana
4th Place - Joe Cannella

Vegas Masters

Facebook Photo Album 1 | Album 2

9-Ball Singles Vegas Masters
State Championship Results

pool league winners

Congratulations Connie Foschi and David Quintana, our 2016 Vegas Masters 9-Ball MVP State Champions for the 2 through 4 and 5 through 7 brackets, respectively. Connie won her bracket undefeated in a final nail biting match against Tina Moden. Both ladies shot very well. David came up from the one loss side to win both matches that ended hill/hill against John Davis!

Connie and David will be representing Nevada in the upcoming TAP National event on November 18 through 22. These two players will be sponsored by us in the singles tournaments and receive airfare, shared accommodations and a paid entry into the tournament.

8-Ball side pot winners include Jim Blakeman for both side pots in the 6/7 bracket, Lloyd Gagnon for the super side pot in the 4/5 and Jerry Gronewold for the side pot in the 4/5 and Kim Watkins for the 2/3 Bracket.

Congratulations to Sal Rotolo for winning a $200 Chappell Billiards gift certificate in our raffle.

A very special thanks to Shawn, Robyn and the staff at Mickey's Cues and Brews for their hospitality!

9-Ball Skill Level 2-4
good job

1st Place - Connie Foschi
2nd Place - Tina Moden
3rd Place - Manoli Smith
4th Place - Arvin Omolon
5th/6th Place - Sal Rotolo and Justin Rogers

Facebook 2-4 Photo Album | State Champion Photos

9-Ball Skill Level 5-7
good job

1st Place - David Quintana
2nd Place - John Davis
3rd Place - Jimmy De Sousa Cabral
4th Place - Zeh Holcomb

Facebook 5-7 Photo Album | State Champion Photos

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