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State Championship Tournament Series
Final Destination.... Nashville, Tennessee!

Vegas Masters History: 2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 |2014 |2013
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2015 Singles Results | 8-Ball Teams | 9-Ball Teams

State Champion pool team

8-Ball Team Vegas Masters Results

Congratulations to the 2015 Vegas Masters 8-Ball State Champions, Knuckleheads of the Rum Runner. Pictured here: John Stanelle, Larry Long, Jay Adelstone, Joe Cave and in front, Zeke De Rose and William Tuczynski.  Not pictured: Jim Blakeman.

Congratulations also to Shark Shooters of Pool Sharks, Zeke De Rose, Bill "Elmer" Kurr, Alfredo Martinez, Bill Kurr, Mike Holland and Joe Cannella.  Not pictured: Dean Howell and Gellian Holland.  The team earned 2nd in a close hill/hill match against Knuckleheads.

Congratulations to Chalk's Free of Mickey's Cues & Brews for earning 3rd place, Jenna and Andrew Wilhems, Connie Foschi, Brian Deluca, Bob Cauley, and Sophia Briski.

Congratulations to Mickey's Finest for earning 4th place, which is no small feat.  Mickey's Finest will be given the opportunity to compete should any of our top teams be unable to attend.

These top 3 teams will be respresenting Nevada at TAP Nationals!  They will play and stay at Opryland Resort in Nashville, winning a travel package and entry.  They'll also be invited to the exclusive TAP Welcome Party!

best of the rest

Congratulations to Ball in Hand's Dawn Holland, Ron Green, Norberto Davila, Jennifer Skippergosh and Terry Burgess and Pooliticians' Bill Kurr, Alfredo Martinez, Brian Deluca and Mike Holland (not pictured: Dean Howell) for making it to the top of the Best of the Rest Board.  In the first match of the finals, Dawn Holland won her match against Alfredo Martinez, at which point the teams mutually decided to split the winnings with a prize fund of $1,200!!

The Vegas Masters began with 30 teams competing in the round robin with the following teams making it to the top 16 Championship Board to compete in a single elimination tournament:  Mickey's Finest, Menehune Shooters, Dean Howell, Shark Shooters, That's How We Roll, Knuckleheads, The Shooters, Magic Q's, Fear None, Chalk's Free, Lil' Stix Big Balz, Slice and Dice, 14 Balls and A Hole, 8-Ball Teasers, Shady 8's, Well Balanced  and Faded 8's.

Shark Shooters pool team

The remaining teams continued on the Best of the Rest Board to compete in a single elimination tournament:   Shark Bait, Team 8, High Rollers, CB's, DILLIGAF, Pooliticians, Split Decisions, Eliminators, Salt & Pepper, Loud Rollers, The Underdogs, Ball in Hand and Eight Ball Mafia.

Congratulations to Chris Erickson for winning the 50/50 raffle and thanks to everyone who participated in the fundraiser raffle!   $173 will be added to the player's National travel fund.

Chalks Free pool team

We want to thank everyone for their participation in league and the Vegas Masters.  Without our dedicated members, this would not be possible.  We look forward to traveling to Nashville with all of these fine folks and to many more years of providing a great league to all of you!  Thanks!!

Mickey's Cues & Brews

A special thanks to Shawn, Robin and the entire staff at Mickey's Cues & Brews for their hospitality and providing the opportunity to host our Vegas Masters in such a fine pool room.

Click on the photos to view them full size.

Facebook Photos:  Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4

9-Ball Team Vegas Masters Results

State Championship pool teamCongratulations to the 2015 Vegas Masters 9-Ball State Champions, Cheers 2 U. The team went undefeated at this annual tournament held on August 2, winning the State Championship for the second year. The team changed up just a bit with the addition of Nathan Merrell and William "Scott" Fisher.

Leading the way to their victory were Jim Carmona, Scott Moden and Tina Moden who went undefeated in their individual matches! The team advances with a prize package of over $2,000 to compete at TAP Nationals. They will enjoy a 4 night stay and play at the Opryland Resort in Nashville and be invited to the exclusive TAP Welcome Party!

From left to right, Nathan Merrell, Tina Moden, Scott Moden, Donna Schwitters, William "Scott" Fisher and Jim Carmona.   Click on the image to see it in full resolution.

A special thanks to Mickey's Cues and Brews for once again providing us with an awesome venue and great hospitality!

FB Photo Album

The 8-ball team tournament is said to be the largest established (born in 2007) locals-only team tournament in all of Las Vegas with a prize fund typically exceeding $10,000-$12,000. A full field of approximately Mickey's Cues & Brews32 teams for 8-ball and 6 teams for 9-ball with close to 200 players compete every year!!

To qualify for 8-ball, teams place 1st, 2nd, 3rd or are drawn as the Wild Card in their division during the Summer, Fall or Spring Sessions. See the Vegas Masters Road to Nationals for complete details on qualifications, format and more.

On average, 1 out of 18 teams in 8-ball and 9-ball will advance to compete at the TAP League National tournaments.The top team(s) win a travel package, team trophy, invitation to the exclusive TAP National Welcome Party and a paid entry into the national event.

TAP National 8-ball and 9-ball tournamentsTAP Nationals is held in an exciting different city every year.

TAP Las Vegas generally provides airfare, up to 3 hotel rooms for 4-5 nights (depending on the scheduled dates along with the start and end times) and the entry fee to TAP League Nationals for eligible members of the winning team(s) or players.  This is a $4,500-$5,000 award.

Partial packages are sometimes awarded based on team counts and the associated budget.  Fundraiser tournaments and 50/50 raffles are held throughout the year to offset the cost of airfare for the teams receiving partial travel packages. 

Qualified 8-Ball Teams

Falcon Division

8-Ball Teasers - 1st Place, Summer & Fall
Split Decisions (aka Cheyenne Saloon) - 2nd Place, Summer & Fall
Shady 8's (aka Faded 8's) - 3rd Place, Summer; 2nd Place, Spring
14 Balls & A Hole - Wild Card, Summer; 3rd Place, Fall
Rock Out with Your Chalk Out - Wild Card, Spring

Diamond Division

Menehune Shooters - 1st Place, Summer; 2nd Place, Fall
English Majors - 2nd Place, Summer; 3rd Place, Spring
Over the Hill Gang  (aka Anthem Shooters) - 3rd Place, Summer (retired)
The Other Guys - Wild Card, Summer (retired)
The Underdogs - 1st Place, Fall; 2nd Place, Spring
Shark Bait (aka Renegades) - 3rd Place, Fall
Loud Rollers - Wild Card, Fall
Chalk's Free (aka Rack 'em Up) - 1st Place, Spring
Breaking Bad - Wild Card

McDermott Division

Knuckleheads - 1st Place, Summer; 3rd Place, Fall; 1st Place, Spring
After Midnight - 2nd Place, Summer; 4th Place, Spring
Ball in Hand - 3rd Place, Summer and 5th Place, Fall (12 teams)
High Rollers (aka Blurred Vision) - 4th Place, Summer and Fall (10/12 team divisions)
SCA Strokers - Wild Card, Summer; 2nd Place, Fall
Mickey's Finest (aka Mickey's Hustlers) - 1st Place, Fall
Team 8 - Wild Card, Fall; 3rd Place, Spring
Well Balanced - 2nd Place, Spring
It's Like A Nightmare - 5th Place, Spring (12 team div) (retired)
Break My Balls - Wild Card, Spring

Meucci Division

Eliminators - 1st Place, Summer & Spring; 3rd Place, Fall
Salt 'N Pepper - 2nd Place, Summer
The Shooters - 3rd Place, Summer Session; 2nd Place, Fall
CB's - Wild Card, Summer
That's How We Roll - 1st Place, Fall
Pooliticians - Wild Card, Fall; 2nd Place, Spring
Stakin' Our Claim - Wild Card, Spring

Joss Division

Spanky & The Gang - 1st Place, Summer (retired)
Shark Shooters - 2nd Place, Summer; 1st Place, Fall & Spring
Intrepid - 3rd Place, Summer; 3rd Place, Fall (retired)
Magic Q's - Wild Card, Summer; 2nd Place, Spring
Rack Runners - 2nd Place, Fall (retired)
Just Enough - 3rd Place, Spring
Slice & Dice - Wild Card, Spring

Viking Division

Faded 8's - 1st Place, Summer
DILLIGAF - 2nd Place, Summer; 1st Place, Fall; 3rd Place, Spring
The Business - 3rd Place, Summer Session (retired)
Fear None - Wild Card, Summer; 2nd Place, Spring
Eight-Ball Mafia - 2nd Place, Fall Session
Lil' Stix Big Balz - 3rd Place, Fall; 1st Place, Spring
Rack 'Em Up - Wild Card, Fall (retired)

2015 Vegas Masters MVP Singles State Championship!

8-ball and 9-ball tournament winners

The 2015 Vegas Masters MVP Singles State Championship tournaments were held on April 11 & 12 at Mickey's Cues & Brews where 76 players competed and $4,500 was awarded in cash and prizes! A two day grand event played on all Diamond tables!!

Congratulations to our 2015 State Champions:

Jenna Virden

Singles State Championship Tournament Results

8- Ball - Bracket 2/3

1st Place - Jennifer Virden (Nationals)
2nd Place - Joe Cave (Nationals - raffle winner)
3rd Place - Michael Mosse
4th Place - Scott Frank

Eric Nguyen
8-Ball Bracket 4

1st Place - Lihn "Eric" Nguyen (Nationals)
2nd Place - Larry "Buggs" Grillett
3rd Place - Lori Fields
4th Place - Dawn Holland-Williams

Scott Moden
8-Ball Bracket 5

1st Place - Scott Moden (Nationals)
2nd Place - Darrell Jeff (Nationals)
3rd Place - Robert Smith
4th Place - Doug Cacciola

Michael Hutcheson
8-Ball Bracket 6/7

1st Place - Mike Hutcheson (Nationals)
2nd Place - Larry Long
3rd Place - Omar Ortiz
4th Place - Howard Dameron

Darrell Jeff

1st Place - Darrell Jeff (Nationals)
2nd Place - Cheryl Kraft
3rd Place - Dawn Holland-Williams
4th Place - Tina Moden

Congratulations also to Joe Cave for winning the 2nd place raffle, which includes a trip to Nashville to compete in TAP Nationals! Joe climbed his way up from the one loss side, won the first match and went hill/hill against Jenna Virden for the Championship. Michael, Scott and Darrell each won their brackets undefeated!

Dawn Holland-Williams won the $113 in the 50/50 raffle! The other 50% going to the National Singles Fund to help with travel expenses. Stay tuned, as we may be drawing one more 2nd place raffle ticket soon!

A very special thanks to Christina Jeff, Scott Moden and Michael Hutcheson for stepping in to referee. Christina gets the award for best dressed referee. Thanks also to Shawn, Robin and the Mickey's staff for their hospitality and awesome room.

Pics of the event are on Facebook: Day 1 | Day 2

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