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2013 VEGAS MASTERS State Championship

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Singles Tournament Series - Vegas Masters 9-Ball

2013 Vegas Masters 8-Ball

Congratulations Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, our 2013 Vegas Masters State Champions!! Congratulations also to That's How We Roll in 2nd Place and Team 8 in 3rd Place.

Horseshoes and hand grenades 8-ball pool team
Kelly Ashe, Captain; Kendra Harris, Sharon Gottschalk,
Greg Kuhl, Rob Womble, Ricky Langston and Chris Howard

Horseshoes & Hand Grenades and That's How We Roll went hill/hill down to the last rack between Leslie Weishar and Sharon Gottschalk. In the end, Sharon won for Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, making them the 2013 State Champions!!

That's how we roll 8-ball pool team
Leslie Weishar, Jason Osborn, Reese Romney, Dale Weishar and Jeremy Head, Captain (in front); Not pictured: Nicole Civetz, Steven Stokes and Mike Starr

Team 8 competed against the Magic Q's for 3rd Place. After winning the first two matches, Gerald Branham had three 8-ball breaks with his final snap to win his own match and the match for the team!!

Team 8 8-ball pool team
Gerald Branham, Captain; Charlie Medeiros, Carlo Butto, Chris Adlawan,
Lucy Hernandez, Stan Kato and Jeremy Head

We had 25 teams compete in 2013. Eight was the number of matches needed during the round robin portion of the tournament to advance to the Championship Board. Thirteen teams made it and these top 3 teams advanced!

Renegades 8-ball pool teamTwelve teams competed in the Best of the Rest. Congratulations to Renegades for winning 1st Place and to 8-Ball Teasers in 2nd Place.

To get to the finals, the Renegades put up Nick Wortham, then JT Wortham with Papa Wortham bringing them to victory.

In the final match, Scott Moden accomplished 2 break and runs and an 8-ball break to win his match. Then the team went hill/hill against 8-Ball Teasers claiming victory in the end.

8-Ball Teasers pool teamWe failed to get a team photo of 8-Ball Teasers, but found this nice photo on the left of mother and daughter. Penny McAdow, the team captain with her daughter Krystal.

TAP Las Vegas will be represented by 30 players in St. Charles!! We look forward to a victorious year. Good luck to all!!

A very special thanks to the staff at Mickey's Cues & Brews for their hospitality and use of their pool room. Also thanks to Tim Wampler Photography for the beautiful photographs. Thanks also to Scott Moden and others who helped referee. during the tournament.

Day 1 Photos -- Day 2 Photos
---Tim Wampler Photography album ---

More Photos | Finals

Vegas Masters 9-Ball State Champions

Wizards, 9-ball Nevada State Champions
Doug Coffman, Matt Triana, Zeh Holcomb, Robert Cibrian, Jeff Chappell, Glen Ivy and Andre Gray (click on pic)

The 4th Annual Vegas Masters 9-Ball State Championship and National Qualifier took place on July 13 and 14, 2013 at Rainbow Putters.

Congratulations Wizards, our 2013 State Champions!! This team went undefeated!! They will advance to compete in TAP Nationals in St. Charles, IL with an over $4,000 prize package to include airfare to Chicago, a 4 night stay at Pheasant Run Resort, an invitation to the exclusive TAP Welcome Party and a beautiful team trophy!

Congratulations also to Pool Problem for winning 2nd place. This team will have the option of entering the 9-ball TAP National team championship tournament.

A special thanks to Janaya, Nikki, Jennifer and the entire staff at Putters Rainbow/Deep Pockets for hosting the event, their hospitality and contribution!!

See the pics: Vegas Masters 9-Ball Album 1, Vegas Masters 9-Ball Album 2

The Vegas Masters 8-Ball & 9-Ball State Championship & National Qualifier team tournaments are where the best of the best come together to compete in the summer just before the TAP League Nationals. The top teams from these tournaments advance to compete at TAP League Nationals.  

2013 marks the 4th year for the 9-ball State Championship with 1st place advancing. This is the 7th year for the 8-ball State Championship with the 3 top teams advancing and the 1st year for the Singles MVP State Championship.

The 8-ball team tournament is said to be the largest locals-only team tournaments in all of Las Vegas with cash and prize money exceeding $12,000 to $13,000. A full field of approximately 32 teams for 8-ball and 10-12 teams for 9-ball with close to 200 players competing!!

To qualify for 8-ball, teams place 1st, 2nd, 3rd or are drawn as the Wild Card in their division during the Summer, Fall or Spring Sessions prior to the event. All 9-ball teams can compete. Teams and players competing in either event must meet the qualifications listed in the Vegas Masters Road to Nationals document.

Click here to see a list of the qualified 8-ball teams.

On average, 1 out of 18 teams in 8-ball and 9-ball will advance to compete at the TAP League National tournaments. The top team(s) win a travel package, team trophy, invitation to the exclusive TAP National Welcome Party and a paid entry into the national event.

TAP Nationals is held in an exciting different city every year. For 2013, we will be traveling to Chicago, Illinois and staying at the beautiful Pheasant Run Resort! Then in 2014, we'll be off to Dallas, Texas. Then we will be off to Nashville, Tennessee in 2015.

  Chicago, IL

TAP Las Vegas generally provides airfare, 3 hotel rooms for 4-5 nights (depending on the scheduled dates along with the start and end times) and the entry fee to TAP League Nationals for eligible members of the winning team(s) or players.  Partial packages are sometimes awarded based on team counts and the associated budget.   (As an example, if we have 55 8-ball teams, there might be enough in the budget for 2 complete packages and the 3rd place team might have to pay their airfare.  TAP would pay the hotel and entry fee for this team.)  On average, the cost to send each team of 7 or 8 is $4,500-$5,000.

Has your team qualified?


(qualifying sessions listed are 2012 summer & fall and 2013 spring)

Monday Cue Club/Mickey's

  • Mahalo - 1st Place, Summer Session (moved to Falcon Division)
  • Gimme' A Break - 2nd Place, Summer Session (retired)
  • Pool Junkies - 3rd Place, Summer Session; 2nd Place, Fall Session (retired)
  • Anthem Shooters - Wild Card, Summer Session; 1st Place, Spring Session
  • Renegades - 1st Place, Fall Session
  • The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - 3rd Place, Fall Session; 2nd Place, Spring Session
  • TAP On - Wild Card, Fall Session
  • Horse Shoes & Hand Grenades - 3rd Place, Spring Session
  • Is that crack or back (aka Felt Up) Wild Card, Spring Session

Monday - Falcon Division

  • 8-Ball Teasers - 1st Place, Summer Session; 2nd Place, Fall Session; 3rd Place, Spring Session
  • TAP Hustlers (aka Hideaway Hustlers) - 2nd Place, Summer & Spring Session; 3rd Place, Fall Session;
  • Cheyenne Saloon I - 3rd Place, Summer Session
  • Cheyenne Saloon II - Wild Card, Summer Session
  • Buds & Brews - 1st Place, Fall Session
  • 14 Balls & A Hole - Wild Card, Fall Session
  • Mahalo! - 1st Place, Spring Session
  • On TAP - Wild Card, Spring Session

Wednesday - McDermott Division

  • Team 8 - 1st Place, Summer & Spring Sessions
  • Pool Cats - 2nd Place, Summer Session (retired)
  • High Balls - 3rd Place, Summer & Spring Sessions
  • Papa Joe's - 1st Place, Fall Session
  • Mark's Sharks - 2nd Place, Fall Session (moved to Friday Joss)
  • Break My Balls - 3rd Place, Fall Session (retired)
  • Look Out - Wild Card, Summer & Fall Session (retired)
  • It's All Gravy - 2nd Place, Spring Session
  • Whiskey Sticks - Wild Card, Spring Session

Thursday - Meucci Division

  • Cheers II - 1st Place, Summer Session (retired)
  • Stake Out - 2nd Place, Summer Session; 3rd Place, Fall & Spring Sessions
  • Cheers I - 3rd Place, Summer Session
  • Slick Sticks - Wild Card, Summer Session (retired)
  • The Shooters - 1st Place, Fall Session
  • That's How We Roll - 2nd Place, Fall & Spring Sessions
  • Insurgents - Wild Card, Fall Session (retired)
  • Eliminators - 1st Place, Spring Session
  • Slice & Dice - Wild Card, Spring Session

Friday - Joss Division

  • Put Your Balls in the Hole - 1st Place, Summer Session (retired)
  • Spanky & The Gang - 2nd Place, Summer Session (team split)
  • Magic Q's - 3rd Place, Summer Session; 2nd Place, Fall Session
  • Touch of Class - Wild Card, Summer Session (retired)
  • Untouchables - 1st place, Fall Session
  • Captain Cocks & Crew - 3rd Place, Fall & Spring Sessions
  • Stickin' Well (aka Pool My Finger) - Wild Card, Fall Session; 1st Place, Spring 2013 Session
  • Crazy Misfits - 2nd Place, Spring Session
  • Deep Pockets

Friday - Viking

  • Fear None - 1st Place, Summer Session
  • Lil' Stix Big Balz - 2nd Place, Summer Session; 3rd Place, Spring Session
  • Just the Tip - 3rd Place, Summer Session, 1st Place, Spring Session
  • Faded 8's - Wild Card, Summer Session; 2nd Place, Fall Session
  • Misfits - 1st Place, Fall Session
  • Ultimate Shooters - 3rd Place, Fall Session (retired)
  • The PoolHounds - Wild Card - Fall Session; 2nd Place, Spring Session
  • Dysfunctionals - Wild Card, Spring Session

9-Ball (10-Ball)

All teams in 9-ball who meet the qualifications listed in the Vegas Masters Road to Nationals are eligible to compete. This includes teams who competed in 9-ball in the Summer and Fall and/or 10-ball in the Spring.

Vegas Masters Singles State Championship
Tournament Series

Soctt and Tina

The 1st Annual Vegas Masters Singles 8-Ball State Championship Tournament Series was held on March 9 & 10, 2013 at the Las Vegas Cue Club. Fifty-three players competed in 8-ball in one of three skill brackets.

Congratulations to our 2013 8-Ball State Champions: Tina Moden (undefeated), Skill Level 2/3; Carlo Butto, Skill Level 4/5 and John Walker (undefeated), Skill Level 6/7!

Congratulations also to those in 2nd Place: Sharon Gottschalk (2/3), Scott Moden (4/5) and Gerald Branham (6/7)!

All of these players will be advancing to compete in the TAP League National singles tournaments beginning October 31 in St. Charles, Illinois, just outside of Chicago at the famous Pheasant Run Resort, the largest entertainment resort in the midwest! Prize packages for this tournament exceeded $3,000!!!

Carlo Butto, State ChampionHonorable mention goes to Donna Schwitters, 3rd Place and Mike Folkerson, 4th Place in the 2/3 Bracket; Norm Thibodeau, 3rd Place and Dawn Holland-Williams, 4th Place in the 4/5 Bracket; Thelou Tepait, 3rd Place and Gene Guelker, 4th Place in the 6/7 Bracket.

Everyone shot their best and deserves a congratulation for their efforts! To get into this tournament series, players had to earn their way into the top 10 of their MVP bracket. We greatly appreciate their excellence and thank everyone for their participation!

John Walker, State ChampionIt is through our players' continued support, participation and efforts that we have become the best league in the Vegas Valley. Thanks to all! A special thanks also to the Las Vegas Cue Club and their staff for their support and hospitality.

This tournament was designed to promote and recognize excellence in play. For 2014: 9-Ball will be added. 1st Place in every bracket of every session in 2013 will receive a paid entry into the State Championship. The top 10 players will be awarded a place and be invited to the tournament. Due to time constraints, we cannot allow multiple entries into the same bracket. Prizes will vary depending on participation.

All the photos are posted on Facebook in full resolution, ready for you to download:
Day 1
- Day 2.

Tina and Sharon

Gerald Branham, State Champion

8-Ball-Top 10 MVP for 2012

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