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2007 Vegas Masters

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arts kids
Normand Thibodeau, Marvin Menesini,
Art Gutierrez, Captain;
Angie Jurrus, Jim DeWitt, Eric Eller, Jerry Sceusa


The second annual Vegas Masters began Saturday, August 2 at the Las Vegas Cue Club. The 17 teams below competed for a trip to Orlando, Florida to compete in the TAP Nationals. At the end of Saturday and returning on Sunday, nine (9) strong teams remained in this exciting competition: Shooters, Step Outside, Pool Junkies, Misques, Break My Balls, Soundrels, Art's Kids, Pool Cats and Ball Breakers.

On Sunday, Scoundrels, Break My Balls, Cheers and Pool Junkies were left in the end to play in the semi-finals. Winning the semi-finals were Break My Balls and Cheers.

On Saturday, August 9, Cheers won the Final Match of the Vegas Masters 2008.

1st Place
Mickey Matic, Danny Valdez, Michael Dick Jr., Michael Dick Sr., John McCarthy and Sharrene Peterson, Capt.

Break My Balls
2nd Place
Fred Keller, Luke Landriani, Sam Gallegos, Jeff Chappell, Capt., Gerald Branham, Catrina Gallegos, Mike Folkerson, Jeremy Head

jr., robert, ron
Jr. Crespo, Robert Verduzco and Ron Hernandez

Jesse Verduzco

michael dick jr
Michael Dick, Jr.

joe, sam and frankie
Joe Clarkson, Sam Smith and Frankie Pollino

jenna, dan and jeff
Jenna Virden, Dan Dayan and Jeff Chappell strategizing

danny valdez
Danny Valdez and the victory dance!

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