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2010 Vegas Masters 9-Ball Tournament

sharp shootersWhat do these players and teams have in common? They are goin’ to Nationals 9-Ball November 3 thru 7 at Bally’s! That’s How We Roll, State Champion (Leslie Weishar, Matt Adkins, Adam Phillips, Nicole Civetz, Dale Weishar, Jeremy Head, Debra Rocha and Gary Harris [not pictured]). Just below, we have DILLIRGAF!, State Runner Up dillirgaf(Walter Famularo, Randy Mortensen, Marilyn Kamealoha, Ray Jones, Omar Ortiz, and Russ & Rob Williams [not pictured]). Congratulations to these two teams for placing in the recent 1st Annual Vegas Masters State Championship and National Qualifier. Click here to see all of the pics.

jeremy headJeremy Head is my featured player this month, as he stands out in my mind for many reasons. Jeremy joined TAP Las Vegas in 2006 and has played on numerous teams throughout the year. His dedication to the league and positive attitude are very much appreciated.

This session, Jeremy is playing 9-ball on Tuesdays and 8-ball Wednesday thru Friday! As in all the previous years, he competed this year in the Vegas Masters 8-Ball and in our first annual VM 9-Ball State Championship tournaments.

So what’s different and so very special about Jeremy this year? After ALL of his teams placed in their divisions, he ended up competing on all 4 of teams in the Vegas Masters 8-Ball and 9-Ball. Three of those 4 teams placed and will be competing in the upcoming 2010 TAP League Nationals in 8-ball and 9-ball!

Jeremy will need to bring his runnin’ shoes to Nationals. He’ll be representing TAP Las Vegas, Office 6, Stake Out and the Gin Mill this year. We look forward to seeing him play and will be there to cheer him on to victory!

TAP League Nationals Sponsorship 8-Ball Tournament

8-ball winners glen ivy and randy kuklaCongratulations to Glen Ivy and Randy Kukla for earning their way to TAP League Nationals by winning the 8-ball tournament at the Double Diamond! A special thanks to Tony Burton for his generous contribution in sponsoring these 2 players and his staff for their hospitality. We had a great time!

Glen Ivy ended the day undefeated after a monster hurdle in a match against Randy Kukla! Although he did come up against Randy in the end, the two decided to split the cash and call it a night.

Congratulations also to Lee Doerr for earning 3rd place and Jerry Sceusa in 4th place. Click here to see all of the pics.


pool junkies The Summer Session league awards and tournaments were held on August 29 where we awarded over $12,000 in CASH. We started day by handing out the trophies, plaques, pins & patches & CASH! Congratulations to all of the teams and players for their accomplishments throughout the summer session.

marsha and jaimeCongratulations to Marsha MacDuff, Allen Cocks, Omar... Ortiz and Alex Pernas for winning their brackets in our tournaments over the weekend.

These players will be sponsored by the Las Vegas Cue Club and TAP Las Vegas at the upcoming TAP League Nationals November 3 thru 7.

A little over $700 in cash along with the sponsorships were also awarded to the tournament players.

8-Ball In the 6-7 bracket: omar

2nd Place - Thelou Tepait
3rd Place - Ray Galaviz
4th Place - Peter Maano

In the 4-5 bracket:

2nd Place - Dancer Harling
3rd Place - Drew Stokes
4th Place - Kris Winn

In the 2-3 bracket:

1st Place was actually Jaime Noriega who previous won his sponsorship
2nd Place - Marsha MacDuff
3rd Place - Vert Eason
4th Place - Mark Lester

fresh onesIn the open 9-ball:
2nd Place - Doug Coffman
3rd Place - Laurie Boyer
4th Place Leslie Weishar

Congratulations to Larry Beaudoin for winning the break & run/8-ball break/9-ball break drawing! He is now the proud owner of a top of the line McDermott Stinger break cue.

marcel and larryCongratulations to Marcel Macias for winning the raffle for the Dufferin Limited Edition pool cue, #38 of #75 worth $900!

A very special thanks to the staff of the Las Vegas Cue Club, to Greg Kuhl for his support and their generous contribution to TAP League.

Last, but certainly not least, thanks to Arlene Medeiros for being our photographer and to Debbie Dios for helping me to run the tournament! I couldn't make it through the day without these 2 ladies help!

Click here to see all of the pics.


Congratulations to Danny Dietrich and Matt Adkins for winning a sponsorship into the TAP League National 9-Ball singles tournament!

matt and danny

Danny Dietrich went undefeated on the winners side and Matt coming up from the one loss side, they also decided to split the cash! A show of great sportsmanship to go along with their excellent pool shooting abilities!

Congratulations also to Mark Boyer in 3rd place, Raymond Mattison in 4th place, Gary Harris and Marilyn Kamealoha in 5th & 6th place and Glen Ivy and Randy Mortensen in 7th & 8th place.

All in all, over $500 in cash and prizes was awarded to these great players. We had a great time thanks to all of our 9-ball players.

Thanks to all who played and a special thanks to Jon and Jeanne of the Cheyenne Saloon for sponsoring these two players and their hospitality!

Click here to see all of the pics.


Congratulations Fun & Games for winning 1st place in the Vegas Masters State Championship National Qualifier. Click here to read more and see all the pics.

Dream Team 8-Ball Tournament

set to kill

TAP Las Vegas congratulates Set to Kill for winning 1st place in the Dream Team 8-ball tournament on July 10 & 11, 2010! Congrats also to Fun & Games for earning 2nd place and Menehunes and Lights Out for earning 3rd and 4th. It was a great weekend with friends, playing pool and having a good time.

On day 1, we started with 8 teams and 57 very skilled shooters playing pool ALL day on all Diamond tables in the air conditioned comfort of Mickey's! A pool junkies dream.


We started day 2 with Set to Kill competing with Lights Out. The first 2 matches with John Vece and Harold Shimojo, and Grant Gilbert and Lee Doerr going hill/hill and the last in a race to 3 was Gordon Graham vs. Ryan Caparida of Set to Kill with Ryan taking is team on to the finals with their 3rd consecutive win!

ed carrion

On the other table, we had the Menhunes vs. Fun & Games trading wins to include a hill/hill match between Lawton Dupio and John Spartichino. In the end, John earned the win. Both shot great! The team win came down to a final sudden death match between Terry Lussier and Paula Patterson. You could feel the excitement in the room as each player got up to shoot. They both played a great game, but in the end Terry earned the win to take Fun & Games on to the finals.

fun and games and set to kill teams

In the finals between Set to Kill and Fun & Games, Howard Dameron and Lee Doerr took the table to compete in a hill/hill match. In the end, it was Lee walking away with the win. The next match came between Joe Bosco and Brian Erle. With both players on top of their game, once again Set to Kill's, Brian Erle takes the match to include an 8-ball break is his list of successes for the weekend. With Set to Kill on the hill for the win, Henry Tyler played Set to Kill's, Ryan Caparida. Both players did well, but in the end it was Ryan and Set to Kill walking away with the victory.

A big thanks goes to ALL of the teams and players who participated, our referees: Doug Coffman, Kelly Seeley and Jeremy Head, and the staff at Mickey's Cues & Brews for once again giving us the royal treatment and their contribution to the tournament.

Click here to see all of the pics.

8-Ball National Sponsorship Tournament at Cheers Bar

Congratulations to Mark Boyer and Jaime Noriega for earning 1st place in their tournament brackets! Both of these fine players earned a sponsored entry into TAP League National 8-Ball Singles tournament in November at Bally's. Mark & Jaime will also be invited to attend the TAP League National Welcome Party!

A special thanks to John McCarthy of Cheers for providing the sponsorships and to his staff for the royal treatment we received all day! We all had a great time playing pool and tipping a few beers (or sodas :o). Thanks to all of the players who joined us.

A little over $500 in cash and sponsorships were awarded at our tournament that took place Saturday, June 19.

mark and halIn skill bracket 5-7, congratulations also to Hal Robertson for earning 2nd place! Hal played many great matches, coming up from the top of the 1-loss side to win his first match against Mark, but in the end Mark was triumphant. Congratulations also to Kelly Seeley for earning 3rd place and Lee Doerr for earning 4th place.

laurie and jaimeIn skill bracket 2-4, congratulations also to Laurie Boyer for earning 2nd place. Laurie also came up from the 1-loss side to compete against Jaime. She won the 1st match and went hill/hill with Jaime just barely missing the gold. Congratulations also to Dale Weishar for earning 3rd place and Jennifer Virden for earning 4th place.

We are looking forward to giving our players more opportunities very soon! The next sponsorship tournaments are scheduled for August 29 at the Las Vegas Cue Club.

Spring 2010 League Party

rack emOver $18,000 was awarded to players and 88 people competed in 8-ball and 9-ball tournaments this past weekend. 1st Place in every tournament bracket will be going to Nationals, sponsored by the Las Vegas Cue Club and TAP Las Vegas.

We started the day giving out trophies, plaques, patches and $$$CASH$$$$ for excellenc...e in play and good sportsmanship.

trick sixtyNext, after the drum roll, the great drawing for a McDermott Stinger pool cue. We started by a warm up away a few shirts. As Trick collected his shirt, he let us know he would be back up for the cue and guess what......he was back. Trick is now the proud owner of a McDermott Stinger jump/break cue!

junior and johnNext, we were off to the tourneys......A big congratulations to all the players and a special congrats to John Spartichino who was victorious in the 4-5 tournament bracket against 39 players! He won this one for the seniors of Las Vegas! Coming in at a close second, Vernon Johnson in a hill/hill match; in 3rd place, James Ferguson and Dancer coming in 4th place.

michael dickEarning 1st place in the 6-7 bracket was Michael Dick Jr. Earning 2nd place, Ray Galaviz; in 3rd place, Adrian Reyes, in 4th place, Geno Cardenaz. The competition in this bracket was absolutely amazing. I heard from many players that Michael was on fire this weekend and just not missing....winning rack after rack.

stan katoEarning 1st place in the 2-3 bracket was Stan Kato. Coming in at a close second, Dale Weishar followed by Ricky Langston in 3rd place and Jaime Noriega in 4th place.

Earning 1st place in the 9-ball open was Raymond Mattison. Raymond didn't lose the entire day. Earning 2nd was Richard Urbanski; in 3rd, Chris White with Doug Coffman in 4th.raymond mattison

We would like to thank Henry Nogiec for his generous contribution towards sponsoring the 4 victorious players. We would also like to thank Greg Kuhl and his staff for their hospitality, Kelly Seeley, Doug Coffman and Glen Ivy for their assistance during the tournament and a very special thanks to Debbie for helping us run the tournaments ALL DAY! Thanks also to Arlene Medeiros for her contribution to the photographs and to Jennifer Virden for giving out the patches. Without these folks, we would not be able to make it through the day!

Click here to see all the entire photo album.

Fall 2009 League Party

Our Holiday League Party, Awards, Tournaments and Charity raffle were held on Sunday, January 3. We gave over $14,000 in cash and awards to players and teams for their accomplishments in the Fall 2009 Session and $1,500 to the winners from the tournaments.

A very special thanks goes to Debbie Dios and Kris Winn for their help in running the tournaments, to Greg Kuhl and the staff at the Cue Club for welcoming us to the Cue Club and donating $200 to the tournament and items to the charity raffle, Bill Devlin of the Stake Out, Penny McAdow of Another Wild Hair, Chappell Billiards and Lynn Armstrong for their donations to the Charity Raffle. Last, but certainly not least, thanks to Arlene Medeiros for being our photographer. She did a great job.

Click here to see the photos.

Click here to see which teams are qualifying to compete at the Vegas Masters.

We held 4 tournaments with 111 entries and paid the winning players a little over $1,500. Thanks to everyone for playing and congratulations to......

good job

8-Ball Skill Level 6-7

  • Sharing 1st Place - Greg Kuhl & Ed Carrion
  • 3rd Place - Ray Galaviz

8-Ball Skill Level 4-5

  • 1st Place - Eugene Adams
  • 2nd Place - Raul Garcia
  • 3rd Place - Hank Oliver
  • 4th Place - Everett Ikuma
  • 5th/6th Place - Perry Presler & Kelly Ash
  • 7th/8th Place - Sondra Friestad & Kelly Seeley

8-Ball Skill Level 2-3

  • 1st Place - Terry Lucier
  • 2nd Place - Lucy Hernandez
  • 3rd Place - Penny McAdow
  • 4th Place - Alan Matley
  • 5th/6th Place - Jenna Virden & Mark Fow

9-Ball - Open Skill Level

  • Sharing 1st Place: Ray Galaviz, Alfonso Contreas and Matt Adkins
  • 4th Place - Carlo Butto
  • 5th & 6th Place - Marilyn Kamealoha & Justin Beaudoin

We collected $260 to donate to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. Thanks to all of the players for their support and donations.

TAP Las Vegas in conjunction with the Gin Mill and Cheyenne Saloon awarded TAP players a little over $600 for their recent achievements in our local tournaments. A very special thanks goes to Carlo Butto, manager of the Gin Mill and Jon and Jeannie Holman, owners of the Cheyenne Saloon for their support and contributions to the league and its players.

winners from the tournamentGin Mill and TAP Las Vegas hosted their team holiday/appreciation party and tournament on Sunday, December 13. The Gin Mill is the home to 10 TAP Las Vegas teams earning the number 1 spot for the most TAP teams out of any one TAP host location.

For the 8-ball tournament, congratulations goes to Jeremy Head, Perry Pressler and Carlo Butto for sharing the top 3 places and to Carmel Candela for 4th place, Dale Weishar for 5th/6th. Click here to see all the pics.

chris and robCheyenne Saloon and TAP Las Vegas hosted a 9-ball holiday/appreciation party and tournament on Tuesday, December 15. The Cheyenne Saloon comes in second and is the home to 8 TAP teams, which includes an in-house 9-ball division.

For the 9-ball tournament, congratulations goes to Chris White in 1st place, Rob Williams in 2nd place, Justin Beaudoin in 3rd place, Everett Ikuma in 4th place, Roxanne Cagnino and Omar Ortiz in 5th & 6th place, Debra Rocha and Dale Weishar in 7th & 8th. Click here to see the pics.

shooting 8-ball

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