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Pool Tournaments

Tournament Opportunities and Calendar Events

TAP Las Vegas offers a wide array of local and national 8-ball and 9-ball pool tournaments for every skill level. Scroll down to read more and register for these events! All tournaments require pre-registration except the tri-annual local Rally (save money by pre-registering). Call us at 702-576-7237 for more information!


Upcoming Tournaments

2021 Fall Session Rally in the Vegas Valley

The Rally in the Vegas Valley for this past session is being held January 1st & 2nd. Join us in celebrating the conclusion of 2021 with a friendly pool tournament; get your payouts, trophys, and compete against your fellow TAP players.

2022 Vegas Masters MVP Series

We have another round of Vegas Masters MVP Series coming up in January. Keep a look out for information to see if you qualify!!
  • 8-Ball Singles: Sunday, Jan. 16th @ Bangin Ballz Billiards
  • 9-Ball Singles: Sunday, Jan. 23rd at Bangin Ballz Billiards
  • 2022 Western Women's 9-Ball Qualifier

    On Dec 18th we completed a qualifier for the Western Women's Tournament Congratulations to Nonie Perlas for taking first place and winning the entery to the Western Women's Tournament!!!


    We just wrapped up this year's Masters events with Knuckleheads (9-Ball) and Shepherd's Flock (8-Ball) winning the trip to Nationals!!
    Thank you to Mickey's and Bangin Ballz Billiards for hosting these events.


    Annual Tournaments

    TAP Nationals 2022

    2022 TAP Nationals is being held at the Philadelphia Expo Center April 18-21, 2022.

    We are the league that takes you places with exciting destinations like Philadelphia, Orlando, New Orleans, Nashville and more! We award well over $15,000 every year to get our players to their destination!

    We hope you will be joining us at one of our players dream vacations!

    Play league to qualify and win your way to the top! Call us at 702-576-7237 to join or for more information.

    CLICK Here to view pictures from TAP NATIONALS 2019, Biloxi,MS


    Rally in the Valley - Pennsylvania!

    The Rally in the Valley is held in Oaks, Pennsylvania inside the Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo! Rub elbows with the pros. Join us for a grand vacation! Call Diane at 702-576-7237 and let us know if you want to be a part of this unique experience. The Rally offers a Dream Team competition and singles events for all skill levels. Registration coming soon.

    8-Ball Dream Team

    9-Ball Dream Team

    8-Ball Singles

    Scotch Doubles


    Vegas Masters State Championship

    Join the league that takes you places! The Vegas Masters State Championship tournaments have been a team favorite since 2007. Teams earn their place in these 8-ball and 9-ball tournaments. About 200 players look forward to and mark their calendars, taking time off from work and their busy schedules to compete in these annual events. Winning teams from each tournament are crowned Nevada State Champions and are given the opportunity to take their skills forward and compete at Nationals.


    Vegas Masters MVP Tournament Series
    8-Ball & 9-Ball

    To award and encourage excellence, TAP Las Vegas hosts the Annual Vegas Masters State Championship MVP Tournament Series for both 8-ball and 9-ball. Winning players from these tournaments win a travel package and advance to compete at Nationals! Click here to read more.


    TAP Nationals

    Our National pool tournaments are held in a different city every year, giving teams and players the opportunity to vacation and play pool in some great destinations. We've been to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Orlando, Florida; Louisville, Kentucky; New Orleans, Louisiana and right here in Las Vegas, Nevada.


    Doc Hill 9-Ball Tournament

    The Annual Doc Hill 9-Ball tournament is held every year at Rum Runner. TAP Las Vegas run a Doc Hill Qualifier event each year. Winning players win a spot into the Doc Hill. See the Rum Runner web site for official details.

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