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2010 Fall League Awards - January 2, 2011

don't miss 8-ball pool league teamCongratulations to all of the teams and players who won and thanks to ALL for playing with us this past session. Click here to view the final stats.

Congratulations to Gerald Branham for winning the McDermott Stinger Jump/Break Cue!

A special thanks to the Las Vegas Cue Club for helping to sponsor 4 players in the upcoming TAP League Nationals and for their hosting our party!

Congratulations to the players who won the sponsorship tournaments.

  • Thelou Tepait, S/L 6-7 - 8-ball
  • Drew Stokes, S/L 4-5 - 8-ball
  • Mark Lester, S/L 2-3 - 8-ball
  • Raymond Mattison, Jr. from the 9-ball open

These tournaments feature 100% registration fee payouts to the winning players and 1st place receiving cash and a sponsored entry into TAP League Nationals! 

Congratulations to the Vegas Masters Wild card teams (drawn at the party by Nicole Civetz):

  • Monday Cue Club/Mickey's - Gimme' A Break
  • Wednesday - Tight Racks
  • Friday - Diamond 8's

Congratulations to the cash wild card draw winners:

  • Team 8 from the McDermott Division
  • Mistfits from the Viking Division

We are looking forward to a fabulous 2011.

Click here to see all of the standings and pics.

Gerald Branham is Goin' to Nationals!

gerald branhamCongratulations to Gerald Branham for winning the Double Diamond National Sponsorship Tournament on Saturday, February 5. Congratulations also to David Hanson, Will Deethardt and all of the other players who shot well and placed.

23 Players competed and $350 in cash and prizes were awarded. david hanson

A special thanks to Jim Webster for sponsoring Gerald and to the staff of the Double Diamond for their hospitality!

Click here to see all of the photos and results.

Click here for the latest copy of the News U Can Use

Spring 2011 League Awards

nick and tedThe Spring 2011 League Awards were held at the Las Vegas Cue Club on Saturday, April 30 where over $15,000 was awarded to the players!

Congratulations to all of the teams and players who placed in this session and to those winning the sportsmanship awards!

Congratulations to the winners of the Sponsorship tournaments. 1st Place in every tournament will be sponsored by the Las Vegas Cue Club and TAP Las Vegas.

8-Ball - 2/3 Bracket

1st Place - Nick Wortham (see in photo above - at 13 years old, he is the youngest player to ever win one of our tournaments!)
2nd Place - Ted Rauenbuehler
3rd Place - Larry "Buggs" Grillett
4th Place - Lucy Hernandez
5th/6th Place - Allen Peterson & Anzel Tate

8-Ball - 4/5 Bracket

1st Place - Steven Lusher
2nd Place - Will Deethardt
3rd Place - Chris Adlawan
4th Place - Lee Doerr
5th/6th Place - Charles Medeiros/Alfredo Villasana
7th/8th Place - Rick Verkandt/Glen Ivy

8-Ball - 6/7 Bracket

1st place - Alex Pernas
2nd Place - John Walker
3rd Place - Pete Guasto
4th Place - Gerald Branham

9-Ball - All Skill Bracket

1st Place - Carl Tiderman - undefeated! He handed his sponsorship down to Thelou!
2nd Place - Thelou Tepait
3rd Place - Richard Urbanske

Congratulations to Bob Chandler for winning the 8/9-ball break/break & run drawing for the McDermott Stinger 05 jump break cue; to Bill O'Reilly for winning the grand prize in the raffle, a McDermott Stinger 01 jump break cue and all of the other raffle winners.

Thanks also to Mark Lester for providing his professional photography services to the players and to Arlene Medeiros for her photos. Click here to see all of the photos.

A big thanks to the Las Vegas Cue Club for their contribution towards sponsoring players at the upcoming Nationals at Bally's; to all of those who donated to the players' raffle:

2011 Captains Tournament

8-ball tournament winnersThe 2011 Captains' Tournament was held on Saturday, December 10 at Mickey's Cues & Brews. $900 was awarded to the winning players and they deserve every penny. Congratulations to the Hideaway Hustlers and all of the other winning players. Click here to read more and link to the photos.



TAP Las Vegas Players Rock at Nationals

Kelly Ashe at TAP League Nationals Congratulations to all of the teams and players who competed in the 2011 TAP League Nationals. Read the story about all of our great players on our 2011 Nationals web page and prepare to rock in 2012 in Charleston, South Carolina!


2011 TAP League News

pool players winBy the end of 2011, TAP Las Vegas pool league players will have been awarded a little over $60,000 in cash and prizes for their excellence in league and tournament play. This includes over $14,000 awarded to the winners of the Vegas Masters (VM) 8-Ball and 9-Ball State Championships and other pool tournaments held throughout the year. Continue to read the story......


8-Ball Awards &
Sponsorship Tournaments
Summer 2011

Over $13,000 was awarded to our players at the Las Vegas Cue Club! What a great day with good friends and lots of pool!

winning playersCongrats to all of the winning players and teams.  Thanks to all of the players who were with us through the summer session and to the 80 players who competed in the tournaments this weekend! 

In the 6/7 bracket, congratulations to Peter Maanao and Smokey Hebert for making it to the top and splitting the sponsorship and cash. Smokey will be sponsored at Nationals. Ray Galaviz won 3rd place with Igy in 4th place.

In the 4/5 bracket, congratulations to Kelly Ashe, Ryan Caparida and Romeo Ancheta for making it to the top and splitting their winnings. Being the biggest bracket with the largest side pot, these players had $385. Kelly will be sponsored at Nationals. Theo Taylor won 4th place, with Joe Gregory and Pedro Flores in 5th/6th and Danny Valdez and Lino Garcia in 7th/8th.

In the 2/3 bracket, congratulations to Debbie Evans for good jobwinning 1st place and a sponsored entry to Nationals! Marsha MacDuff won 2nd place, Fred Keller won 3rd place, Ted Rauenbuehler won 4th place, William Thilgen and Buggs Grillett won 5th/6th place.

A big thanks to the Las Vegas Cue Club for their contribution towards sponsoring these players at the upcoming Nationals at Bally's.

We had a great time and are looking forward to the fall session and Nationals! Click here to visit our Facebook page and see all the pics.

A special thanks to our sponsors:

9-Ball Awards &
National Sponsorship Tournament
Summer 2011

Congratulations to all of the teams and players who competed in the 2011 Summer Session of 9-ball. Over $2,500 was awarded this session along with a full Nationals package for Pool Problem and partial for Whatever!

jason larreauTwenty-five players competed for $375 to include a paid entry into Nationals! Congratulations to Jason Larreau (pictured on right - click to see a larger photo) who went undefeated until his hot seat match with John Walker. John won the 1st match. Coming up from the 1-loss bracket, John had to win one more match. The pair went hill/hill and Jason was victorious!

Thanks to everyone who brought all the great food and competed. A very special thanks to Jon and Jeanne Holman of the Cheyenne Saloon for their contribution and hospitality!

Click here to visit our Facebook page and see all the photos.

Vegas Masters State Championship
8-ball Tournament

bobby randallTwenty-seven teams competed in July 2011 for a place on the Championship Board and a chance to compete at Nationals at Bally's on The Strip and Rally in the Valley in Pennsylvania!

Click here to read more about this exciting tournament.


Nick Wortham and the Renegades

by Cindy Chappell - June 2011

nick worthamSome of our TAP members know Nick Wortham from the monthly junior tournaments, some from league and some from the tournament at the last TAP Las Vegas league party hosted at the Las Vegas Cue Club in May. Nick is just 13 years old and one of the youngest members of TAP Las Vegas. Click here to read more.

National Sponsorship 8-Ball Tournaments

marsha and bill$450 Awarded! Marsha MacDuff and Romel Ancheta are goin' to Nationals! Congratulations to all of the winning players!

2-4 Tournament Results
(pictured on the left are Bill Eitienne and Marsha MacDuff)

1st Place - Marsha MacDuff
2nd Place - Bill Etienne
3rd Place - Bill Thilgen

winning players from the 8-ball national sponsorship tournament5-7 Tournament Results
(pictured below from right to left)

1st Place - Ray Galaviz (aka Baby Ray)
2nd Place - Romel Ancheta
3rd Place - Omar Ortiz
4th Place - Theleau Tepait

Both Marsha and Ray played exceptionally well on this day, going undefeated in a nearly full field of 15 in each tournament!

Ray simply rarely missed a shot all day. He ran rack after rack and on rare occasion gave his opponent the opportunity to shoot, but if they missed, it was OVER! In the end, Ray did pass the sponsorship to Romel.

marsha and rich macduffInterestingly enough, Marsha's win comes on the heals of her husband, Rich's win in March. They are like our own Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Now, they are not out to assassin players, just beat them in the tournaments :o) Both Marsha & Rich played excellent and are very excited about their well deserved opportunity to compete at TAP Nationals.

Thanks to everyone who came to play and thanks to Larry's Hideaway for sponsoring the winning players and their awesome hospitality. We had a really fun group of 30 pool arguments....just fun fun fun!

Thanks also to Joe Klimchak his wife for bringing in homemade rice and egg rolls.

If you missed this one, you can join us again at the next singles tournaments in August.

Click here to see the great photos compliments and thanks to Mark Hultberg and Rick Vierkandt. We also have a few on Facebook.

Girls Rule

Dawn Holland-WilliamsIt was Tuesday, December 13, 2011. About 35-40 TAP Las Vegas 9-ball players met at the Cheyenne Saloon to collect their trophies and cash, to share some food and play pool, of course. Twenty-six of these players competed in the open 9-ball tournament. Of the 26 players, there were just 8 women competing. That’s just about 30% of the field, which is pretty typical. In a sport dominated by men, the results were anything but typical. Click here to read the story.




$15,000 Awarded to Players on
New Years Eve!

Raul GarciaA crowd of about 100 TAP Las Vegas players gathered on New Years Eve 2011 to collect their league session winnings, trophies, share some good food and play pool!

More than 50 of those players happily committed to spending the day with us competing in the last tournament of the year. We had a great time. Great food, great company and pool. What more could we ask for? Nothing, the day was perfect.

A little over $700 was awarded to these players for their excellent pool playing abilities:

pool tournament winners

Tournament Bracket 2/3
Joe and Nick Wortham

  • 1st Place - Joe Wortham, Jr.
  • 2nd Place - Rob Graham
  • 3rd Place - Mike Folkerson
  • 4th Place - Darryl Stewart
  • 5th/6th Place - Eva DeLeon & Buggs Grillett

Tournament Bracket 4/5
8-Ball Winner, Charlie Medeiros

  • 1st Place - Charlie Medeiros
  • 2nd Place - Chris Dire
  • 3rd Place - Raymond Mattison, Jr.
  • 4th Place - Lino Garcia
  • 5th/6th Place - Romeo Ancheta & Dale Weishar

Tournament Bracket 6/7
Omar and Raul, 8-ball winners

  • 1st Place - Raul Garcia
  • 2nd Place - Omar Ortiz
  • 3rd Place - John Walker
  • 4th Place - Alex Pernas

For the session, teams placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd not only won cash, but now have a chance to compete in the upcoming 6th Annual 2012 Vegas Masters State Championship and National Qualifier. Read more and see the list of qualified teams on our Vegas Masters 2012 web page.

Results of the Wild Card Draw are:

  • Nearly Heroes (Vegas Masters)
  • Bilbo's (Vegas Masters)
  • Look Out (Vegas Masters and cash)
  • Overachievers (Vegas Masters)
  • DILLIGAF! (Vegas Masters and cash)

The winner of the McDermott Stinger jump/break pool cue was Stan Wylazlowski. Every time a player achieves an 8-ball break, 9-ball break or break and run, they earn a raffle ticket. At the end of the session, we draw a ticket for the cue award.

The grand prize raffle winner was Ray "Baby Ray" Galaviz. Ray won the opportunity to pick out a cue from a great selection of cues from Chappell Billiards.

A very special thanks to everyone who played with us in 2011, to those who joined us on this special day and to Debbie Dios, 8-ball winnerthose who helped out at the party. We are especially grateful to Debbie Dios (pictured here) for once again running an awesome tournament with us; to Arlene Medeiros, Boyd Gaming, Buggs Grillett, Chappell Billiards and the Stake Out for their contributions to the raffle. Last, but certainly not least, thanks to the Las Vegas Cue Club for their contribution. We greatly appreciate everyone who made this day a success!

Now on to 2012!


Gin Mill National Sponsorship
8-Ball Tournament

8-ball pool playersCongratulations to Rich MacDuff, Nicole Civetz, Joe Wortham and Lucy Hernandez for placing in the SOLD OUT Gin Mill's National Sponsorship 8-Ball Tournament and winning nearly $300 in cash and prizes!

Nicole went undefeated the entire day without a game lost on the winners side. Rich worked his way back to the top on the 1-loss side... by playing some great pool and in the end, winning the tournament!

Thanks to everyone who competed. We had a great time playing pool and being with our friends.

A special thanks to Mark Hultberg for taking nearly all of these great photos, to the Gin Mill for sponsoring Rich at the upcoming TAP League Nationals and to the staff for being so good to all of the players.

The results are......

  • 1st Place - Rich MacDuff
  • 2nd Place - Nicole Civetz
  • 3rd Place - Joe Wortham
  • 4th Place - Lucy Hernandez

Click here to see all of the photos. Our next set of tournaments will be played at the Las Vegas Cue Club on Saturday, April 30. Advance registration will be available soon.

Spring End of Session Party Pics


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