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History of Rally: 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2014

Rally in the ValleyRally in the Valley (aka RIV) (formerly known as Rally at Edison) has been an annual TAP event for over a decade. The 2016 event will take place April 14 through 17 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania.

Registration is due in March, but the team tournaments sell out much sooner than that date! All events are buy in. TAP events are played on Diamond that are open for all tournaments.

Registration forms: 8-Ball Dream Team | 9-Ball Dream Team

The event is held inside the Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo. The "RIV" features 8-ball and 9-ball dream team and singles pool tournaments, as well as, mini-tournaments played in a sea of Diamond tables.

Players form teams from all across the U.S. and Canada to compete in the 8-ball tournament that has sold out with over 160 8-ball teams for the past 2 years! They also host a 9-ball dream team tournament, singles and mini-tournaments.

All tournaments are buy-in and include a 4 day pass into the Expo! No need to bring a pocket full of change. Tables are open for all TAP tournaments! Allen Hopkins negotiates great hotel rates making this a very affordable and fun vacation for pool players!

During 2010 and 2011, TAP Nationals was in Las Vegas, so we had some extra money in our budget! During this time, our State Champions were also awarded a trip to compete in this grand event. We've also had players and teams take their vacation at the expo. See the fun we've had and plan your next vacation!!

After selling out and having to turn teams and players away, the event moved to Oaks, Pennsylvania in 2012. TAP increased the team count to 160 and still turned 30 teams away!

In 2013, the event was moved to Edison, New Jersey to provide a larger and more accessible venue where we resided for 2 years before moving back to Oaks, PA in 2015.

2014 Classic Rally at Edison (aka Rally in the Valley)

Rally at Edison pool team 2014Our 2014 team members were: Darrell and Christina Jeff, Joe and Lajan Wortham, JT Wortham, Larry "Buggs" Grillett and Jeff and Cindy Chappell.

We were known in 8-ball as "Clean SL-8" and "Diamond Dunkers" in 9-ball. Although we did not win, everyone played well and had fun. We met and watched many of the pro players, shopped, enjoyed a few great restaurants, spent time in New York, toured the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

As for the tournament, the Diamond Dunkers made it to the Championship Board with 9 points earned out of 15 in the round robin, a very good show of our abilities as a team. We went on to play in the single elimination rounds, where we ended just one out of the money.

Darrell JeffClean SL-8 achieved just 3 out of the possible 15 points, placing us on the Best of the Rest. The team played well, but fell just short in many hill/hill matches.

After winning our first 2 rounds in the single elimination tournament, the team went hill/hill. The final match was sudden death. With a nearly endless exchange of safety shots, it came down to our team shooting the 8-ball, a $400 8-ball. The 8-ball was missed and the cue ball scratched, leaving the team one out of the money.

That was my (Cindy Chappell) match and I have to add a personal note here to thank my entire team for their support. Even though I lost that game and that meant the end for Clean SL-8 (a fairly devastating moment for me), no one said a negative word. They showed nothing but support and praised my efforts. We were truly a team.

Joe also competed in the Super Senior 9-Ball Tournament against 127 other players in 9-ball. He shot well, making it into the top 32!!

We all went away with our heads held high and pleasant thoughts of a great week together in Edison, New Jersey and New York! What a great vacation!!

Links to the pics: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

2012 Rally in the Valley

The 2012 "RIV" took place March 8 through 11 in Oaks, Pennsylvania.

Horse Shoes & Hand Grenades: Theo Taylor, Tina Taylor, Rob Womble, Kendra Harris, Kelly Ashe (captain), Chris Howard and Greg Kuhl

Our 2011 State Champions, Horse Shoes & Hand Grenades competed in the 2012 Rally in the Valley (RIV) in the 8-ball dream team tournament. New to the team for the Rally was Tina Taylor.

You might ask how they got this great opportunity. Well, it was pure skill! This team earned their place in the 2011 Vegas Masters by placing 1st of 12 teams in their division in Spring 2011.

The team went on to compete against 26 other teams in 2011 Vegas Masters 8-Ball State Championship in August, winning the 2011 State Championship!

For their accomplishment, they were awarded the opportunity to go on and compete at the 2011 Nationals at Bally's, where they placed in the top 32. In addition, they were awarded a trip Philadelphia where they will compete in March at RIV!

Although they didn't win, the team had such a good time, they plan to return in the future!

We're going places and want to take you with us!!

2011 Rally in the Valley

Rally in the Valley sold out in 2011, which was their 15th year running! Two teams from TAP Las Vegas competed. The Magic Q's and Team 8, who won 2nd Place in the 2010 Vegas Masters State Championship and made it to the top 32 at the 2010 Nationals.

2011 also marked the 19th Annual Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo.

rodney morris and jeremy head
Celebrity sighting.....Rodney Morris and Jeremy Head

Team 8 (Chris Adlawan, Gerald Branham, Carlo Butto, Jeremy Head, Lucy Hernandez, Reese Romney and Kelly Seeley) and Magic Q's (Gerald Branham, Jeff Chappell, Gordon Graham, Lucy Hernandez, Kelly Seeley, Norm & Cathy Thibodeau and I) from Las Vegas competed in the 15th Annual Rally in the Valley. Both teams made it to the Championship Board, where they were unfortunately defeated.

rally in the valley 8-ball pool teamAll of the players shot well and most noteworthy was our star player, Lucy Hernandez who played on both teams. Lucy won 75% of her matches (3 out of 4) followed closely by Kelly Seeley and Reese Romney. They all shot like super stars.

Kelly Seeley lead the way for the Magic Q's with a win out of the gate in nearly every match. He played on both teams winning 4 out of 6 matches.

Reese Romney dominantly won 2 out of 3 matches, going hill/hill in his only loss of the tournament. team 8

We all had a great time playing pool. We met many pool Click here to see the photos.

Thanks to all of the players who joined us this year! A very special thanks to the entire corporate staff of TAP League for hosting this great event. You'll always see Loyd Schonter, President and Founder of TAP League, right in the thick of things helping wherever he can. A great deal of work and many hours go into hosting these events for the players and we appreciate their efforts very much.

2010 Rally in the Valley

TAP League saw the biggest Rally in the Valley event ever, a sold out venue, as 144 teams and hundreds of Singles players came out to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, to try their skills against North America's best amateur TAP League 8-ball players on state of the art Diamond Tables!

jeanette lee and jeff
Jeanette Lee (Black Widow) and Jeff Chappell, your league operator at Rally in the Valley.

In the Dream Team event, competition was fierce, as this event brings together some of the best players from across the United States and Canada, all vying for the top Dream Team prize of $10,000 and the title of Rally in the Valley Champions. Your own Vegas Strokers played their hearts out on Day 1 in the Round Robin event and made it to the 2nd Tier single elimination Championship Board. From here, we won our first match, but lost the second …..just one match out of the money.

The event took place just outside of Philly. After our unfortunate loss, we made the best of it and tried the rival Philly Cheese Steak cuisine……Geno’s and Pat’s…..and saw the sites. Pat’s won the Philly Cheese Steak war hands down….unanimously. We also enjoyed the Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo. There was lots to do….mini 8-ball singles and doubles tournaments, a Second Chance Scramble tournament or even just practicing on the ever so perfect Diamond Tables.

2009 Rally in the Valley

Take a look at this video from the 2009 Rally in the Valley. On the back table, you will see both Greg Kuhl and Ed Carrion win their matches! Also in the background, you'll see the rest of our team: Michael Dick, Jr., Sam Smith and Frankie Pollino and Jeff and Cindy Chappell. We didn't end up winning, but we had a blast.


shooting 8-ball

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