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pool league award

Rally in the Vegas Valley - Spring 2017

Thank you and congratulations to all the TAP family that came out and spent the Rally weekend with us! It was a fun filled!

Congrats to Bill Kurr and Jim Blakeman for each winning a McDermott jump/break cue!!

We gave out about 25k in cash and prizes and awarded 5 entries to TAP Nationals in October!

winning pool players

Here are the final TAP national entry results:

  • 9-Ball- 2/3/4 - Donna Schwitters
  • 9-Ball- 5/6/7 - Trick Sixty
  • 8-Ball- 2/3 - Celeste Smith
  • 8-Ball - 4/5 - Cody Thomas
  • 8-Ball - 6/7 - Bobby Butler

Click here to see our Photo Album!

On the SPOT

TAP In - Summer 2017 - Issue 1

TAP On Western Women's 9-Ball Tournament

Candice 1st place 9-ballOver $1,000 awarded in cash and prizes at the TAP On Western Women's Warm Up 9-ball pool tournament at Mickey's Cues & Brews on Sunday, March 12, 2017.

​Congratulations to Candice VanVolkinburg for taking first place, awarding her cash and a paid entry into the Western Women's Charity Tournament​ at the Rum Runner on April 1 & 2, 2017 to benefit Safenest! Candice shot very well and played undefeated until the final round where Kacie Moden squeaked out a match win against her. Candice then elicited extreme focus and made a run out and didn’t even seem to realize it!  ​Scroll down to see all the results, videos and pics.​

It was a full and exciting day with many upsets in the first rounds.  It was a wonderful gathering of lady power and camaraderie. The energy was great. ​T​he competiveness stayed on the table and all other interactions were that of appreciation for each other. Mickey’s seem​ed​ to serve as a base for a reunion of friends. ​ ​

​Such a fun day!  Lunch was served to the ladies by E-String Bar & Grill, 8th Avenue Pizza and the Burger Bar.   Scott’s Speedy Tees​ was on site to provide a wide array of pool attire where many ladies took their pick of anything on the table​, along with Joe's Cue Repair​. ​I​t was an extremely fun day!  ​We are extremely proud of everyone’s sportsmanship​!

Unveiled at the event was the start of a new ladies league and tournaments where we will be awarding a place in the upcoming WPBA Entry Tournament that will take place at TAP Nationals on October 21 through 26.  Stay tuned for more information.  TAP Las Vegas will have 4 places to award through league and tournament play!!  Please contact the league office at 702-558-7665 for more information or to register.

Here are the final results:

1st Place - Candice VanVolkinburg 
2nd Place- Kacie Moden
3rd Place –Sharon Gottschalk
4th Place-Lee Ann Mindoro, 5th & 6th Place - Joy Hutcheson & Arlene Medeiros 
7th & 8th Place - Lily Davis & Ray Ray Peterson

Thank you to  all the unnamed individuals that helped make the tournament a great success! A special thanks to Sophie, Connie, Mickey's​ Cues & Brews​, Joe's Cue Repair,  Scott's Speedy Tees,  & our food sponsors: ​E-String, 8th Avenue Pizza and Burger Bar.

Photo Album | Finals Video | Leslie vs. LeeAnn | Kacie vs. LeeAnn | Kacie vs. Sharon | Candice vs. Sharon

Contact us by phone at 702-558-7665 or send us an email.

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