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Help of Southern Nevada

TAP On for Charity for
Help of Southern Nevada

The TAP On for Charity 8-ball Tournament and Luncheon to benefit Help of Southern Nevada was held on Saturday, December 5 at Deep Pockets, inside Putters on Rainbow.

Through the generosity of the players and sponsors, we raised $540 and many toys and needed items for Help of Southern Nevada!


Abby Quinn joined us as our guest speaker and we even had a special visit from Santa! Congratulations to Julian Johnson for winning his first tournament and he won it undefeated!! Congratulations also to Leslie Weishar in 2nd Place, Tim Kovacs in 3rd Place and Donna Scwhitters in 4th Place!

A special thanks to everyone who contributed to include Pool Tools, Game Works, Fireside Subs, Chappell Billiards, Scentsy/Elle Reid; thanks to Donna Schwitters for helping run the tournament, to Putters for a fabulous turkey lunch and to their entire staff for their hospitality!

Click here to see all the photos!  If you would like to book a Christmas party with Santa Dale, call him at 702-773-3937.

Receipt for donation.

TAP On for Charity for St. Jude's Ranch

pool players

The TAP On for Charity 8-Ball Tournament and Luncheon was held on September 27 at Deep Pockets, inside Putters on Rainbow. Thanks to the generosity of the players and sponsors, we raised $585 for St. Jude's Ranch for children.

We started the day with John Andrews from St. Jude's as our guest speaker who told us about their organization and how they provide housing and support for displaced children. The history of this organization is very interesting as it goes back more than 45 years and involves the great Frank Sinatra, Jack Benny, Shecky Greene and Bob Hope. Click on the link above to read more.

The racks were broke and the tournament began! The competition was fierce. In the end, it was Tim Kovacs and Justin Rogers playing the in finals.   This would be their second match after competing at the top of the winners side for the hot seat with Tim ending it with another win.

Congratulations to Tim Kovacs who won 1st place undefeated in the 8-ball tournament, to Justin Rogers for winning 2nd place, to Sharon Gottschalk for winning 3rd place and to Darin Reeves for winning 4th place.

A very special thanks to Janaya and Suzi of Putters Deep Pockets for their hospitality and contribution. Thanks also to all of our sponsors who donated to make the raffle successful: Dawn Holland-Williams who donated Maroon 5 concert tickets that were won by Cheryl Kraft; Chappell Billiards for a Voodoo pool cue won by Elmer Kurr; Geno Hill of the Rum Runner for an entry into the upcoming Las Vegas League Players tournament won by Tim Kovacs; Scott and Tina Moden of Scott's Speedy Tees for two custom shirts; Slikster Shirts and Pool Tools cue holder donated by Tim Kovacs; Trader Joe's for two gift certificates and to those who brought items in.  Thanks also to Donna Schwitters for helping run the tournament!

To learn more about St. Jude's Ranch and/or to donate, click here to visit their website. If you would like to tour St. Jude's Ranch, please call John Andrews at 702-294-7144.

Click here to learn more about TAP On for Charity and our next event to benefit Help of Southern Nevada

Receipt - NOTE: An additional $40 was donated by check from Donna Schwitters.

8-Ball & 9-Ball Rally in the Vegas Valley - Summer 2015

Carol Frisby

The 8-Ball and 9-Ball Rally in the Vegas Valley were held on Saturday, August 29 and Sunday, August 30 at Pool Sharks with over $25,000 awarded to players for their excellence in billiards! Many thanks goes out to all of the players for joining us this past session and to those who participated in the Rally! It is the players that make it all possible!!

More than 80 players from all over Vegas competed in the city-wide cash added tournaments spread out over the two days with cash awards exceeding $1,600!  Scroll down to see the results.

We are very excited to announce the addition of a day exclusively for the 9-Ball Rally in the Vegas Valley and best of all, we will have an approximate $5,000 prize package to award at the 2016 Vegas Masters 9-Ball State Championship based on the teams we have going into the fall session! In conjunction, the Vegas Masters Road to Nationals team eligibility will change to align with the 8-ball team eligibility to award places for excellence beginning with the fall session.

The Rally events are held at the conclusion of each session and bring together a large group of awesome pool players from all over Vegas for a fun weekend with friends playing pool!

Congratulations to Carlo Butto for winning the McDermott NG05 jump/break cue in the 8-ball and 9-ball break, break and run red ticket drawing.  Congratulations to Lynn Armstrong for winning the buy in raffle for a second McDermott NG05 cue. These cues come complete with a G Core shooting shaft, the stinger shaft and jump butt!

The 8-ball wild card draw results are as shown below.  These teams have won a place in the 2016 Vegas Masters.

  1. Diamond Division - TAP On
  2. McDermott Division - After Midnight
  3. Meucci Division - The Shooters
  4. Joss Division - Just Enough
  5. Viking Division - 8-Ball Mafia

A very special thanks to Donna Schwitters and Debbie Dios for helping run the tournaments.  A special thanks also to Pool Sharks for their contribution and hospitality!

Joe Wortham good job
9-Ball 2-4 Bracket

Tina Moden, 1st Place
Maria Loures Deterala, 2nd Place
Bruce Petrie, 3rd Place
Sandra Jones-Phares, 4th Place
Donna Schwitters and Lynn Armstrong, 5th and 6th Place

good job
9-Ball 5-7 Bracket

Congratulations to Shawn Foret for making it to the hot seat in the 5 thru 7 bracket and meeting up with Jimmy De Sousa Cabral. Jimmy won the first match against Shawn and these two friends decided to split the cash, each going home a winner!

Congratulations to the following 8-ball players:

8-Ball 2-3 Bracket

Laila Landers, 1st Place
Bob Armstrong, 2nd Place
Lynn Armstrong, 3rd Place
Richie Weishar, 4th Place
Stan Kato & Leslie Weishar, 5th/6th Place

This bracket was especially interesting as Leslie and Richie, mother and son, battled it out for 4th place with Richie advancing. Later in the tournament, Bob and Lynn, husband and wife, battled it out for 2nd place with Bob advancing (and possibly sleeping on the couch that night :) to 2nd place.

8-Ball 4-5 Bracket

Jake Davis, 1st Place
Christina Jeff, 2nd Place
Troy Jones, 3rd Place
Arvin Omolon, 4th Place
Alex Shimazu & Hideki Horiuchi, 5th/6th Place

8-Ball 6/7 Bracket

Gene Guelker, undefeated and Mike Hutcheson, split 1st/2nd
Scott Moden, 3rd Place

8-Ball Photo Album | 9-Ball Photo Album

2015 Vegas Masters State Championship Tournaments Results and Photos!

TAP On for Charity - American Cancer Society

pool tournament

Thanks to the generosity of the players and sponsors, we raised $580 for the American Cancer Society. Thirty fantastic players gathered on Sunday, June 28 at Deep Pockets inside Putters on Rainbow for a great day of playing pool, a fabulous lunch and socializing.   We had a great many prizes in the raffle to include booze, booze and more booze (always a favorite), cheesecakes, haircuts, manicures, gift certificates, cue case and more!

Congratulations to:

good job

Danielle Roberts - 1st Place
Donna Schwitters - 2nd Place
Candice Vanvolkinburg - 3rd Place
Neal Speer - 4th Place
Sean Geer and Tina Moden - 5th/6th Place
Darrell Jeff and Doug Grams - 7th/8th Place

A very special thanks to Janaya of Putters/Deep Pockets and her entire staff for a spectacular lunch and hosting the event and to the many who donated to the raffle to include Chappell Billiards, Joe Cannella and Cannella Spirits, Mark Lester and One More Bite (cheesecake), Colleen Egan and Stevie's Healing Arts Spa, Penny McAdow and Dolphin Court Spa , Derek from Putters Eastern and to everyone who donated personally, Carmel Pacheteau, Elle Reid, Donna Schwitters, Christina Jeff and more.

A special thanks also to our committee members, Donna Schwitters, Scott and Tina Moden, Trini Maldonado, Carmel Pacheteau and Christina Jeff for all of their efforts to prepare for and help at the tournament, their participation and for their part in making this a successful fundraiser and fun day!

See all the pics on Facebook - Album 1 - Album 2 - Album 3 - Album 4

$280 was donated in memory of Cathy Thibodeau and $280 in memory of Kristen Schonter to the American Cancer Society.  Both of these ladies lost their battle against cancer earlier this year.  Cathy was an avid pool player and TAP member.  Kristen was the wife of the late Loyd Schonter, president and founder of TAP.  Additionally, $20 was donated directly to the American Cancer Society by check.   Donation

The next TAP On for Charity Tournament and Luncheon will be held on Saturday, September 26 at Putters on Rainbow to benefit St. Judes Ranch!

Rally in the Vegas Valley - Spring 2015

Zeke De Rose

The Rally in the Vegas Valley was held on Saturday, May 2 at Pool Sharks where more than $18,000 was awarded in cash and prizes, players competed for their share of nearly $1,000 in 8-ball and 10-ball tournaments, enjoyed a fun day with friends, tipped a few cocktails and received their awards for the spring session!

Congratulations to the winning tournament players:

good job
8-Ball - 2/3 Bracket

1st Place - Lori Fields
2nd Place -Tarkha "TK" Barbedo
3rd Place - Carmel Pacheteau
4th Place - Donna Schwitters

good job
8-Ball - 4/5 Bracket

1st Place Split - Zeke De Rose undefeated and Scott Medrano rising from the 1 loss side
3rd Place - Craig Shaver
4th Place - Carlo Butto
5th/6th Place - Lloyd Gagnon and Glen Ivy

good job
8-Ball - 6/7 Bracket

1st Place - Mike Hutcheson
2nd Place - Gene Guelker
3rd Place - Rick Hamalainen

good job

1st Place - Kyle Loman
2nd Place - Lori Fields
3rd Place - Lynn Armstrong

Congratulations to TK for winning the grand prize in the raffle, a McDermott Stinger jump/break/shooting pool cue from Chappell Billiards. We will be drawing for the 8-ball break/break and run cue this week. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience!

Congrats to the raffle winners and thanks to our sponsors for their generous donations:
Cheers Bar where everyone knows your name,,
Penny McAdow of Dolphin Court who provides players with special discounts on haircuts and styling,
Colleen Egan of Stevie's Healing Arts and Spa who provides players with special discounts on massage and
Joe Cannella and the Longhorn Casino and of course,
Pool Sharks for their awesome venue, pool tables and hospitality!

Congratulations to the two wild card team winners, Break My Balls and Stakin' Our Claim. These teams won a place in the upcoming Vegas Masters team State Championship in July!

Click here to see all the pics!

2015 Vegas Masters!

8-ball and 9-ball tournament winners

The 2015 Vegas Masters MVP Singles State Championship tournaments were held on April 11 & 12 at Mickey's Cues & Brews where 76 players competed and $4,400 was awarded in cash and prizes!

Click here to visit our 2015 Vegas Masters web page and see who our 2015 State Champions are and who will be traveling to Nashville to compete in the 2015 TAP National event while staying at the Opryland Resort!

Goodtimez 8-Ball Tournament

pool tournamentCongratulations to Gene Guelker for winning 1st place, to Michael Mosse for winning 2nd place, to Darrell Jeff for winning 3rd and to Edith Guelker for winning 4th place in the Goodtimez 8-ball tournament on March 22, 2015.

We had a 16 player tournament on all Diamond tables in this new smoke free pool room, awarding $320.

It was a great day of competition, fun, cocktails and homemade sweet treats.

A special thanks to Teddy Garrahan, the owner of Goodtimez for his hospitality and generous offer for a FREE skills assessment for TAP players!

Ladies Day

Winning pool playersThe Annual Ladies Day Luncheon kicked off the year for TAP On for Charity on February 7, 2015 with guest speaker Tony Romo of the Shade Tree. Twenty-eight fantastic ladies raised $810 along with a trunk and backseat full of donations for the Shade Tree!

Shade Tree Mission: "To provide safe shelter to homeless and abused women and children in crisis and to offer life-changing services promoting stability, dignity, and self-reliance."

We started the day with $250 raised from registration, 11 year old Kara Moden set up shop to custom design jewelry and raised $100, Jenna Virden donated her winnings from the tournament and $440 was raised from the raffle.

Congratulations to:

Good job1st Place - Tina Moden (pictured here, left to right)
2nd Place - Stacy Allsup
3rd Place - Donna Schwitters
4th Place - Jill Ferguson
5th/6th Place - Candice Van Volkinburg/Jenna Virden
7th/8th Place - Christina Gonzalez/Anne Carmona

8-ball tournament fundraiser

Along with cash awarded to these ladies who placed at the top, Tina Moden, Stacy Allsup and Donna Schwitters were awarded an entry into the Western Womens Charity 9-Ball Event to be held at the Rum Runner on Saturday and Sunday, March 28 and 29.

Congratulations to Dawn Holland-Williams and Gabby Smith for winning the grand prize cues!

A very special thanks to Scott Moden and Darrell Jeff for running the tournament and being our referees and to Putters, Janaya and her entire staff for the awesome lunch, raffle donation, hospitality and venue! Thanks to all of our sponsors: Cuestix and Chappell Billiards, Joe Cannella with Pool Sharks and Longhorn Casino, Tiffanie Banto and Hotties Haircuts Salon, Carmel Pacheteau, along with Mosaic Salon and the Body Spa.

Ladies Day started in 2012 with a small tournament at Larry's Hideaway. It became an annual event in support of the Shade Tree and the Western Womens Charity 9-Ball Event in 2014. In 2015, we combined it with TAP On for Charity to support and raise awareness for local charities. Ladies Day is for local players only and the Western Women's is open to players from all over the western U.S.

Click here to see all the pics on Facebook!

Rally in the Vegas Valley pool tournaments2014 Fall Rally in the Vegas Valley

The Rally in the Vegas Valley was held on Sunday, January 4, 2015 at Pool Sharks, over $15,000 awarded to players for their excellence in 8-ball and 9-ball competitition for the fall session. Thanks to everyone who competed and congratulations to all of the winning teams and players!

1st thru 3rd in every division have the opportunity to advance and compete at the annual Vegas Masters State Championship scheduled for July 11, 12, 18 & 19 at Mickey's Cues & Brews for a chance to win a travel package and advance to Nationals at the Opryland Resort in Nashville! See the top team results.

The wild card teams were drawn as follows:

  • Team 8
  • Loud Rollers
  • Pooliticians

Congrats to all of our MVP winners! First place in every MVP bracket won a paid entry into the Vegas Masters Singles State Championship pool tournament series to be held April 4 & 5 at Mickey's Cues & Brews. Those who placed in the top 10 of their bracket during any one of the three sessions in 2014 are invited to compete at this grand annual event. Winning players will advance to compete in Nashville at the fabulous Opryland Resort!

It was a great day with friends! Congratulations to the winners of our tournaments where we awarded over $600!! Thanks to everyone who came out to compete!

Rally pool tournament winnersFirst tournament: Christina Jeff in 1st Place; Mark Landin in 2nd Place; Dale Weishar in 3rd Place; Eric Nguyen in 4th Place.

Second tournament: Congratulations to Donna Schwitters in 1st Place, Allen Peterson in 2nd Place, Leslie Weishar in 3rd Place and Elle Reid in 4th Place.

Third tournament: Congratulations to Jim Carmona and Donna Schwitters, splitting 1st Place, Stacy Allsup in 3rd Place and Darrell Jeff in 4th Place.

Winner of the 50/50 Raffle: Randy Reinfeldt.

Winner of the McDermott Stinger NGO5 pool cue, complete with a G Core Shaft and jump butt: Jim Carmona

A very special thanks to Pool Sharks and their staff for their contribution and hospitality! Hope to see you in 2015!

Click here to see all the pics on Facebook!


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