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8-Ball Rally in the Vegas Valley - Fall Session, 2013

The 8-Ball Rally in the Vegas Valley for the fall 2013 session on Sunday, January 5 at Deep Pockets inside Putters on Rainbow with 80 to 100 players in attendance.

We started the day with a tribute to those we lost in 2013, Debbie Evans, TK Grimstad and most recently Loyd Schonter.

awardsNext, players were awarded cash, trophies and more! Over $12,000 was awarded to players and teams for their excellence in shooting pool! Congratulations to all and thanks to those who came out to enjoy the day!

Drew Stokes was the winner of the McDermott Stinger! Each night, players who accomplish an 8-Ball/9-Ball Break or aBreak and Run are awarded a free raffle ticket. The winner receives a McDermott Stinger jump/break cue!

The winning teams from the Wild Card draw were:

  • Cue Club/Mickey's - Is That Crack or Back - VM place
  • Falcon Division - Cheyenne Saloon II - VM place and cashLeslie Weishar
  • McDermott Division - Whiskey Sticks for the cash and Mickey's Hustlers for the VM place
  • Meucci - Bar 702 - VM place and cash
  • Viking - DILLIGAF - VM place and cash

Penny McAdow won the 50/50 raffle, which started with $1.00 for every player entered into the tournament for a grand total of $57.00. Through raffle sales, $93 was added for a grand prize of $150 for Penny and $93 donated to the Salvation Army to help the homeless and those less fortunate in Las Vegas. Thank you TAP Las Vegas members!! More information about the Salvation Army.

Salvation Army

We had 57 players for the tournaments with 3 brackets running, 2/3, 4/5 and 6/7 and the results are:


Good job!

Good job!6/7 Bracket

1st/2nd Place - Paul Gauthier. and Tim Kovacs split
3rd Place - Omar Ortiz

4/5 Bracket

1st Place - Ryan Deberg
2nd Place - Ron Green
3rd Place - Joe Wortham, Sr.
4th Place - John Stanelle
5th/6th Place - Dean Howell/Troy Mayne
7th/8th Place - Ed Fuller/Nick Wortham

3/4 Bracket

1st Place and undefeated - Leslie Weishar
2nd Place - Larry "Buggs" Grillett
3rd Place - Joe Cave
4th Place - Eva De Leon
5th/6th Place - Roy Stevens/Stan Kato

A very special thanks to Debbie Dios for her help in running the tournament and to Janaya and Nicky and the entire staff at Putters for their contributions to the tournament and hospitality. Thanks also to Tim Kovacs for his contribution to the charity raffle.

Check out our Facebook photo album.


Loyd Schonter

Loyd SchonterWe are sad to report that Loyd Schonter, the founder and CEO of TAP, passed away unexpectedly on New Years Eve, 2013. He was and will continue to be an inspiration in our lives. We will miss him dearly.

Loyd is pictured here with his wife, Kristen at Rally at Edison in 2012.

This heartfelt message was sent out this morning by Celeste, Loyd's sister:

"The man who was many things to so many.... TAP'S KING... the force of the future in the Billiards Industry.... Our Son, Husband, Brother, Papa (Dad), Poppy (Grandpa), Uncle, Friend.... and so much more, passed away New Years Eve.....

He was an amazing being, and an inspiration to us all in countless ways. He has touched lives and made a deep impression on each and every one.... in ever meeting him you would never forget him.

Loyd had a dream.. a vision and a plan.... and 2014 was going to a year of many great things for TAP. We are here to tell you that it IS going to be the year he envisioned. WE will continue to make Loyd's dream a reality, we will continue to be the best League out there and we will make him proud carrying these dreams out for him.

He has planted the seeds and now it is our job to nourish them and make them grow. He will be watching us, and cheering us on every step of the way!

So from our hearts to yours and in his infamous words we will TAP ON!"

Celeste Schonter
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
TAP Pool's Amateur Tour

Remembering 2013, What a year to remember!

Happy New Year 2014As we say goodbye to 2013, we thank all of our members for playing TAP! They have helped to make this league the best in southern Nevada. Recapping 2013........

  • Awarded an amazing $70K in 2013!
  • Hosted the 1st Annual 8-Ball State Championship tournament with Tina Moden, Carlo Butto and John Walker each winning the title for their bracket
  • Crowned the 2013 State Championship teams: 9-Ball, The Wizards - 8-Ball, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades!
  • Embarked on a fantastic journey to Chicago with 30 players from Las Vegas winning over $4K
  • Released Scorekeeper 2.0 iPad/iPhone application, revolutionizing score keeping!
  • Released Who's the Best!
  • Hosted many Rally in the Vegas Valley tournaments & Junior Tournaments!

We take time to remember those we lost this year, Debbie Evans and TK Grimstad. May they rest in peace.

Again, thank you so much for being a part of TAP! We look forward to everything 2014 has to offer and wish everyone the best!

Jeff & Cindy

9-Ball Rally in the Vegas Valley

Over $3,000 was awarded at our 9-Ball Rally in the Vegas Valley, which took place on December 9, 2013 at the Cheyenne Saloon.

Thanks to everyone who played in our fall session and congratulations to all of the winning teams and players!

Rally in the Vegas Valley tournament winnersThe potluck was awesome with 2 tables full of food. Everyone left with a full belly and a happy heart.

Thirty (30) players competed in a double elimination 9-ball tournament. Congratulations to Ronnie Gates and Terry Detie who split split 1st place and to Ray Mattison, Sr. in 3rd place; Miguel Marin in 4th place; Pete Maanao and Jon Holman in 5th/6th place; and Josh Sarullo and Dan Sikoski in 6th/7th place.Donna and Jan

The winner of the 50/50 raffle was Josh Sarullo. We started the raffle with $1 for every player in the tournament guaranteed to the winner and the balancewas split 50/50 with 50% going to the Salvation Army.

Teams competing in these sessions can qualify to compete in the upcoming Vegas Masters tournament series, which includes singles and teams. Click here to read more about the Vegas Masters tournament series.

Click here to see all the pics on Facebook.

TAP'S Scorekeeper 2.0 Released!!

Now available for iPad 2nd Gen+ and iPhone for 8-ball, Scorekeeper 2.0, revolutionizing the way we keep score, produce statistics and accurate handicaps for the players!!

This application can be found and downloaded at the Apple Store. It will be available for Android in spring 2014. Use this as an alternative to keeping score on paper.

We would like to provide you with on-site training on league night. Just let us know you're interested and we will be there! Call us at 702-558-7665 or send an email.

End user instructions | Quick User Guide

The next release will not only provide the application for Android, but will likely include 9-Ball!

Brazyl Ward

Brazyl WardOn November 16, 2013, many of our players joined together along with many others in our community to compete in a pool tournament to benefit Brazyl Ward.  It was a truly charitable event.

For the readers who don't know, 6 year old Brazyl was the
victim of a hit and run on Halloween in Las Vegas. She remains in a coma fighting for her life with no arrest made for the coward who put her there.

Tammie Couch raised more than $10,000 for this little girl's family thru an event held at the Rum Runner Lounge with Jeanette Lee and this tournament at Putter's Rainbow. Tammie and her crew did an awesome job organizing and running these events.

The community support for this tournament was amazing. They had donations from companies and individuals all over Vegas. As tickets were drawn for raffle prizes, many of the prizes were donated to the family. I was truly touched by everyone's generosity and the focus remaining on little Brazyl and by the positive outlook and appreciation Brazyl's dad showed when speaking to the people at this event.

60% of the entry fees into the tournament went directly to the family and most of the winners donated the money they won to the family!!!! Harvey Eddie Thomas won 1st place, Jeff Chappell won 2nd place, John May and Phil Kelley won 3rd/4th.

Please join us as we continue to pray for Brazyl's recovery and for her family during this very difficult time.
Click here to donate.

Remembering Debbie Evans

Debbie EvansOn October 30, 2013, Debbie Evans left us after a long, exhausting and mostly undiagnosed battle with cancer.

We put together a short set of pictures to remember her. Click here to view.

Debbie will be missed by us and so many others. She wore many hats. She was a good and caring friend, mother, daughter, sister and grandmother. She loved her grandkids especially. She loved to play pool and had a competitive, giving and fun spirit.

RIP Debbie Evans.

2013 Nationals

2013 Nationals pool tournament players
Click on this image to read all about the 2013 Nationals!

2013 Captains Tournament

Captains 8-ball tournamentCongratulations Bill and Alex for making it to the top in the 5th Annual Captains Tournament at Deep Pockets on October 20, 2013!

Click here to read more and see all of the results of the pool tournament!!

Ted Rauenbuehler´╗┐, 8-ball winner

8-Ball Rally in the Vegas Valley
August 25, 2013

Congratulations to all of the winning players and teams who were awarded over $14,000 at the Rally for their excellence!!

This awesome event took place at Deep Pockets, above Rainbow Putters. Players from all over Vegas came together to have a few cocktails, enjoy some great food and play pool!

Fifty-five players competed in the Rally tournaments and the results were:

Bracket 2/3Good Job

1st Place - Ted Rauenbuehler´╗┐
2nd Place - Allen Peterson
3rd Place - Lynn Armstrong
4th Place - Eva De Leon
5th/6th Place - Janis Antolin/Ricky Langston

Bracket 4/5

Good Job

1st Place - Rob Hately
2nd Place - Lino Garcia
3rd Place - Tom Russo
4th Place - Joe Wortham, Sr.
5th/6th Place - Jonathon Navarro/Derek Armstrong

Bracket 6/7

Good Job1st/2nd/3rd - Joe Cannella - Alex Pernas - Scott Moden - Split the cash, had cocktails and called it a day!!

Congratulations to Janis Antolin for her awards on this day....1st and foremost, she was voted by players to receive the Sportsmanship Award! She placed in the tournament and lastly won the McDermott Stinger jump/break cue and a Sharkin' U shirt in the raffle!!

Lino Garcia, winning pool playerCongratulations to David Hanson for winning the Break & Run/8-9 Ball Break drawing. He is also the proud new owner of a McDermott Stinger jump/break cue.

As many of you may know, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in every division will advance to compete in the Vegas Masters State Championship along with a wild card team. The results of the wild card draw were as follows:

Falcon Division - Cheyenne Saloon
Mickey's/Cue Club Division - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
McDermott Division - Menehune Shooters
Meucci Division - Stake Out
Joss Division - Captain Cocks & Crew
Viking Division - Magic Stick

Our new awards were unveiled at this event, which included: good job

  • Most 8-Ball Breaks by Alex Pernas
  • Most 8-Ball Break & Runs by Gene Guelker
  • Most 9-Ball Breaks by Joe Wortham, Sr.
  • Most 9-Ball Break & Runs by Ed Marriott
  • League's Highest 8-Ball MVP in the 2/3 Bracket by Marsha MacDuff
  • League's Highest 8-Ball MVP in the 4/5 Bracket by Lino Garcia
  • League's Highest 8-Ball MVP in the 6/7 Bracket by Howard Dameron

A special thanks to Putters and the staff, Janaya, Chelsea, Nicki and Jay for their contribution and hospitality!! Thanks also to those who supported the event through their donations to the players raffle: Putters Rainbow, Penny McAdow with Dolphin Court, Longhorn Casino, Pool Sharks, Gin Mill, Cheers Bar, Cheyenne Saloon, Stake Out, Rum Runner and Chappell Billiards.

See all of the Rally in the Vegas Vally photos on Facebook

Horseshoes & Hand Grenades take
8-Ball State!!!

Click on the photos to read more!
Horseshoes and hand grenades 8-ball pool team
Kelly Ashe, Kendra Harris, Sharon Gottschalk, Greg Kuhl, Rob Womble, Ricky Langston and Chris Howard

Wizards take 9-Ball State!!!!

Wizards 9-ball pool team
Doug Coffman, Matt Triana, Zeh Holcomb, Robert Cibrian,
Jeff Chappell, Glen Ivy (Captain) and Andre Gray
Click on the photo above to read more!

Cheers 8-Ball Tournament

Lino GarciaTwo 8-ball tournaments were hosted at Cheers Bar on Sunday, June 23. With 26 players, $540 was awarded to the winning players for their excellence.

Congratulations goes to all of the winning players and a special thanks to everyone who came out to spend the day with us. Thanks also to Heather and Tori for their hospitality and John McCarthy for his contribution to the event!! Click here to see all of the pics.

Bracket 2-4

1st Place - Penny McAdowgood job
2nd Place - Darrell Jeff
3rd Place - Dawn Holland-Williams
4th Place - Abe Henderson

Bracket 5-7

1st Place split - David "Buttons" Button (undefeated) and Romeo Ancheta
3rd Place - Joe Wortham, Sr.
4th Place - Tony Servello

8-Ball Rally in the Vegas Valley

Kelly Seeley, pool player

The 8-Ball Spring Rally in the Vegas Valley was held on Sunday, April 28 at the Las Vegas Cue Club.

Congratulations to all of the winning 8-ball teams and players who were awarded over $13,000 for their excellence in playing pool!!

We started the day with the awards. Teams received their cash and trophies, a special recognition was given to Captain Cocks & Crew and Kelly Seeley for good sportsmanship, to Ray Galaviz for the highest handicap in TAP, to Gene Guelker for the most break and runs and 8-ball breaks this session and a special thanks to those who have formed new teams and helped TAP grow! Additionally, Gene was awarded a $50.00 gift card by Rainbow Putters for his accomplishments!!

Moving on with the wild card draw. In every division, TAP awards one lucky team a place in the Vegas Masters. In the larger standard divisions, this award is accompanied by cash! The wild card winners are:

Cue Club/Mickey's - Felt Up
Falcon Division - On TAP
McDermott Division - Whiskey Sticks
Meucci Division - Slice & Dice
Joss Division - Deep Pockets
Viking Division - Dysfunctionals

Thelou Tepait was the lucky winner of the McDermott Stinger. marilynDuring the spring session, players received a free raffle ticket every time they accomplished a break and run or an 8-ball break. This was Thelou's lucky week. He also won dinner for two at Capo's Italian Steak House at the 10-ball Rally!

Nearly 70 players competed in one of three tournament brackets, 2/3, 4/5 or 6/7 for over $900 in prize money!! Congratulations to all of the winning players:

2/3 Bracket

good job1st Place - Joe Cave
2nd place - Robert Armstrong
3rd Place - Nick Wortham
4th Place - Leslie Weishar
5th/6th Place - Lucy Hernandez and Buggs Grillett

4/5 Bracket

good job1st Place - Derek Armstrong
2nd Place - Lino Garcia
3rd Place - Mike Starr
4th Place - Phil Snyder
5th/6th Place - Dale Weishar and John Clark
7th/8th Place - Ron Green and Marilyn Kamealoha

good job6/7 Bracket

Sharing 1st Place - Greg Kuhl (undefeated) and Zeh Holcomb (1 loss)
3rd Place - David Button
4th Place - John Walker

Visit the TAP Las Vegas pool league Facebook page to see all of the pics in full resolution.

10-Ball Rally in the Vegas Valley

Congratulations to all of the winning 10-ball teams and players!! The Spring 10-Ball Rally in the Vegas Valley was held on April 23, 2013 at the Rainbow Putters where we awarded over $3,000!! Click here to see the final stats.

winning tournament playersA fun time was had by everyone! We had 35 players competing in two double elimination tournaments, one for the 2/3 bracket and another for the 4-7 bracket for $450!!

After going undefeated in the 4-7 bracket, Jon Navarro split 1st and 2nd with Joe Wortham, Sr. with Joe Wortham, Jr. taking 3rd andre_carmelplace and Augustine Archibeque in 4th place, Scott Moden and Geofrey Schriver in 5th/6th place!

Carmel Pacheteau went undefeated, winning the 2/3 bracket with Andre Gray in 2nd place, Daphne Barzano in 3rd and Richard Vierkandt in 4th place!

Voted #1 for good sportsmanship by their peers:

Congratulations to Barzano's Ball Busters, Cheers 2 U, Donna Schwitters and Dustin Grady.

Geofrey Schriver, Highest 10-Ball Handicap
Calculated by PoolNet's Who's the Best!

Unbeknownst to the 10-ball league players, each one was entered into a drawing for a dinner for 2 at Capo's Italian Steak House. Congratulations to Thelou Tepait, whose name was drawn at the party!

A special thanks to Janaya, Nicki and Rainbow Putters for their hospitality and contribution to our tournament. Putters features 8 pool tables, full menu, balcony overlooking the city and more.

A personal thanks also to Rick Vierkandt for helping with our new camera!

Click here to see all the photos.

Vegas Masters Singles State Championship

John Walker, State ChampionCongratulations to the winners of the 1st Annual Vegas Masters Singles 8-Ball State Championship MVP Tournament Series that took place on March 9 & 10, 2013 at the Las Vegas Cue Club!

Our State Champions for 2013 are John Walker in the 6/7 Bracket, Carlo Butto in the 4/5 Bracket and Tina Moden in the 2/3 Bracket!! In all 6 players will be advancing to compete at the 2013 TAP League Nationals in St. Charles, IL just outside of Chicago! Read more and see all the pics.

Click here to check out the Tournament Archive where we have all of the old news stored away for you.

Contact us by phone at 702-558-7665 or send us an email.

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