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TAP Las Vegas gets ready for 2013!

New YearAs 2012 comes to a close, we want to thank everyone for being a part of TAP and for your support. Without you, our players, we would not have such an awesome league. We've met so many nice people, made new friends and enriched and strengthened so very many friendships.

Have a Very Happy New Year!

Jeff & Cindy

Here's a look back at 2012:

  • Over $60,000 awarded to TAP Las Vegas players and teams!
  • A trip to Pennsylvania with Horse Shoes & Hand Grenades who competed in Rally in the Valley!
  • Vegas Masters 8-Ball & 9-Ball State Championships!
  • A trip to South Carolina with over 20 TAP players.....our State Champions, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly; along with: Spanky & The Gang and Felt Up teams, Donna Schwitters and Buggs Grillett. TAP Las Vegas took home nearly $2,000!!
  • Donna Schwitters took 3rd at Nationals in 9-ball singles!
  • Rally in the Vegas Valley series rocked with 6 tournaments and over $4,000 in cash awards!
  • Captains tournament
  • Ladies tournament
  • Nine junior tournaments!

We look forward to 2013 with lots of fun and exciting opportunities for our players!!

  • Introducing 10-ball on Tuesdays for one session only.
  • Dream Team 10-ball tournament on February, open to all TAP active members!
  • Rally in Edison in April! (aka Rally in the Valley)
  • 6 Rally in the Vegas Valley parties planned!
  • 3 Vegas Masters State Championship Tournament Series - Singles, team 8-ball and 9-ball!
  • The continuation of the Captains Tournament and Junior tournaments and more!

8-Ball Rally in the Vegas Valley
Fall 2012

Well over $12,000 was awarded to TAP players at the fall 8-Ball Rally in the Vegas Valley! Congratulations to all of the teams and players who placed in the fall session. We had 64 players competing at the Rally tournaments with over $1,000 awarded! The winners were:

Skill Level 2/3

good job1st Place - Tristen O'CallahanTristen and Debbie, pool players
2nd Place - Debbie Evans
3rd Place - Mike Folkerson
4th Place - Tim Groves
5th/6th Place - Lucy Hernandez & Kacie Moden

Skill Level 4/5

good job1st Place - Marilyn Kamealoha
2nd Place - Lino Garcia
3rd Place - Larry "Buggs" Grillett
4th Place - Augustine Archibeque
5th/6th Place - Dawn Holland-Williams & Troy Mayne

Marilyn and Lino, pool playersSkill Level 6/7

1st/2nd Place - Gene Guelker & Geofrey Schriver
3rd Place - Alex Pernas
4th Place - John Walker

good jobRick Vierkandt won the McDermott Stinger NG05 jump break cue! Debbie Dios won the grand prize raffle Outlaw cue and case.

Wild Card Draw

Cue Club/Mickey's - TAP On (Vegas Masters only)
Falcon Division - 14 Balls & A Hole (Vegas Masters and cash)
McDermott Division - Look Out (Vegas Masters and cash)
Meucci Division - Insurgents (Vegas Masters only)
Joss Division - Pool My Finger (Vegas Masters only)
Viking Division - PoolHounds (Vegas Masters and cash)

With 8 teams or more, the wild card includes cash! Divisions with less than 8 teams and the Cue Club/Mickey's Division are awarded a place in the Vegas Masters State Championship tournament!

A special thanks to everyone who contributed to the raffle: 7-11 Bar, Cheers, Cheyenne Saloon, Gin Mill, Sporting Chance, Stake Out, Edith Guelker, Buggs Grillett, Penny McAdow , Carmel Pacheteau and Donna Schwitters. Thanks to all of the players who contributed to the potluck! A very special thanks also to the Cue Club for their contribution to the tournament and hospitality!

Click here to see the photo album on Facebook.

9-Ball Rally in the Vegas Valley
Fall 2012

Nearly $3,000 was awarded to TAP players at the 9-Ball Rally in the Vegas Valley for their achievements.

Open to all active and qualified TAP members, 39 players competed in the 9-ball tournament.

Congratulations to John Walker, 1st Place - Raymond Mattison; 2nd Place and Jan Schwitters, 3rd Place; Andre Gray, 4th Place; Scott Moden and Debbie Evans, 5th/6th Place; Thelou Tepait and Tristen Ocallahan in 7th/8th Place.

It was a great day with friends and family! The potluck was a big success with a wide variety of yummy munchies that we enjoyed all day long.

Good food, good company and pool! A special thanks to everyone who brought food for the pot luck and to the Las Vegas Cue Club for their contribution and hospitality!

TAP Rises to the Top in the
2012 Las Vegas League Players Championship

Thelou Tepait, pool playerCongratulations to Thelou Tepait for winning the 2012 Las Vegas League Players Championship!

After 3 days of competition, it came down to just 2 players: Thelou Tepait and John Walker!

Thelou made it to the top of the winners side, defeating a multitude of matches in a field of nearly 64 players.

With just 1 loss, John made it to the finals to compete against Thelou for the grand champion title and nearly $2,000! John won the 1st match.

In the 2nd match, the two TAP players went hill/hill and in the end, it was Thelou who won and earned the championship title!

This is an annual competition for all league players at the Rum Runner. A special thanks to Geno and Gordie Hill for hosting the event.

See all the pics on Facebook.

2012 TAP League Nationals

Congratulations to the teams and players who competed in the 2012 TAP League Nationals held November 3 through 6 in Charleston, South Carolina. Click on the link to read more.

8-Ball Rally in the Vegas Valley
August 2012

Junior Crespo, pool playerThe Summer 8-ball Rally in the Vegas Valley was held on August 26 at the Las Vegas Cue Club. The day started with the trophy and cash awards the then the tournaments; 2/3, 4/5 and 6/7 brackets. All in all, a little over $13,000 was awarded to players and teams for their excellent pool playing accomplishments.

Congratulations to all of the winning teams and players from the session and from the tournaments. All three 1st place competitors won their tournament bracket undefeated!

JT wins 8-ball tournamentMost noteworthy, was JT's win. JT is a 17 year old local Las Vegas high school student. He competed against 23 other (adult) players in the 4/5 bracket. In his final hill/hill match, in his final game, he broke the rack and snapped the 8 into the pocket.....winning the game, the match, the tournament and $130!

Allen Peterson wins 8-ball tournamentNext, would be Allen Peterson winning his 2/3 bracket of 22 players undefeated making every shot with a bridge!

Allen was in an accident not too long ago, breaking a couple of ribs and unable to bend to make his shots! Not only did he have to use the crutch, he had to elevate it, holding both his cue and the bridge. Good eye, Allen.

Bracket 2/3

winning pool players1st Place - Allen Peterson
2nd Place - Robert Armstrong
3rd Place - Leslie Weishar
4th Place - Mike Folkerson
5th/6th Place - Donna Schwitters and Teresa Howard

Bracket 4/5

winning pool players

1st Place - JT Wortham
2nd Place - David "Buttons" Button
3rd Place - Scott Moden
4th Place - Junior Crespo
5th/6th Place - Dustin Grady and Michael Erle

winning pool playersBracket 6/7

1st Place - Grant Gilbert Grant Gilbert wins 1st place in the 8-ball tournament for the 6/7 bracket(pictured here)
2nd Place - Geoff Schriver
3rd Place - John Walker
4th Place - Eddie Thomas

Congratulations to all the winners from the raffle and drawing. Mark Ketchum won the McDermott break cue from the 8-ball break, 9-ball break and break and run drawing. Scott & Tina Moden won the Frog jump cue from the raffle. These items were provided by Chappell Billiards, where TAP players can get 20% off most cues.

A very special thanks to those who donated to the raffle: Cheers Bar, Penny McAdow of Dolphin Court, Sporting Chance, Goodfella's, Putters at Eastern, and Mark Lester of MJL Photographic Art.

A special thanks to the Las Vegas Cue Club and their staff for their hospitality and contribution to our event. A special thanks also to Debbie Dios, Mark Mahon, Glen Ivy, Jenna Virden and Thelou Tepait for their help throughout the day and to those who contributed to the potluck. We had a lot of good food from the potluck and pizza from the kitchen.

Click here to see all the 8-ball pics on Facebook

9-Ball Rally in the Vegas Valley
August 2012

doug and glen's pool teamThe summer 9-ball Rally was held on August 14 at the Cheyenne Saloon. We started the night awarding our teams and players over $2,500 for their excellence in pool playing.

Congratulations to all of the teams and players who competed in the summer session of TAP. Pictured here is Doug and Glen's team who won 1st place in the Cheyenne Saloon Division: Bill Thilgen, Joe Gregory, Doug Coffman, Glen Ivy and Vern Mundle. Click on the Cuetec Division or Cheyenne Saloon to see the final stats.

Congratulations also to the winners of the tournament. Kyle Allen took 1st place, goingjohn_and_kyle_pool_players undefeated! John Navarro won 2nd place,Mark Ketchum, 3rd place and RaymondMattison, Jr. won 4th place.

A fun time was had by all. We enjoyed spaghetti and chili for dinner, cocktails and the company of some great people. A special thanks to the Cheyenne Saloon for their hospitality and contribution to the tournament.

Click on Facebook to see the photos.

Click here to read the July newsletter.tap pool league news
Click here to view a full copy of TAP Into the News!

10-ball pool league


Beginning this fall, TAP Las Vegas will be offering 10-ball on Wednesday nights. Click here to learn more.

9-Ball Cheers pool team
Nine Ball Cheers - 9-Ball Vegas Masters State Champions
Donna Schwitters, Captain - Alfonso "AC" Contreras,
Jan Schwitters, Danny Valdez, Hal Robertson and
John McCarthy

Nine Ball Cheers and The Good, The Bad & The Ugly won the 2012 Vegas Masters 9-Ball & 8-Ball State Championship & National Qualifier pool tournaments! Click here to read more about this annual event.

8-Ball Rally in the Vegas Valley
Spring 2012

A great time was had by all at the Las Vegas Cue Club during the Rally in the Vegas Valley! The food was plentiful, the money was flowing and the company amazing during this pool playin' extravaganza.

Congratulations goes to all of the winning teams and players for their achievements during the Spring 2012 TAP Las Vegas session.

$1,000 Was awarded to players in the 8-ball tournaments (results are below), $650 in prizes were won by players from our raffle and just over $12,000 in session awards.

In addition, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and the wild card team are eligible to play in the upcoming 6th Annual Vegas Masters State Championship Tournament. Three very skill teams will advance to compete in Charleston, South Carolina.

Wild card draw results were:

Gimme' A Break - Vegas Masters
The Loud Rollers - Vegas Masters
House Sticks - Wild Card Cash
The Poolhounds - Vegas Masters
Bad Company - Vegas Masters

8-Ball Break, 9-Ball Break, Break & Run Raffle winner was Jan Schwitters.

The cue raffle winner was Woody Carter.

Tournament Results

Good job

Tournament Bracket 2/3

1st/2nd Place - Joe Wortham & Sal Garcia Split
3rd Place - Mike Folkerson
4th Place - Allen Peterson
5th/6th Place - Marilyn Kamealoha and Nick Wortham

Tournament Bracket 4/5

1st/2nd Place - Mike Starr & Joe Wortham, Sr. Split
3rd Place - David "Buttons" Button
4th Place - Charlie Medeiros
5th/6th Place - Brian Erle & Owen Humphrey
7th/8th Place - Dawn Holland-Williams & Ron Armstrong

Tournament Bracket 6/7

1st/2nd Place - Keith Parker & Alex Pernas Split
3rd Place - Noel "Igy" Ignacio

Thanks to all of our raffle sponsors: Cheers Bar, Larry's Hideaway, Putters, Sporting Chance, Stake Out, Penny McAdow at Dolphin Court, Buggs Grillett for his donation from his private stock and Chappell Billiards.

Thanks to our awesome volunteer staff: Thelou Tepait, Doug Coffman, Jenna Virden, Glen Ivy and Donna Schwitters, and to Gerald who helped get the tournament started. These players all helped to make the day great. We appreciate everything they do.

Last, but not least, a very special thanks to the Las Vegas Cue Club and their staff for their contributions and hospitality!

The next 8-ball Rally in the Vegas Valley is scheduled for Sunday, August 26. Don't miss the chance to be a part of it. Simply play league.

9-Ball Rally in the Vegas Valley
Spring 2012

Whatever pool teamCongratulations to the winning 9-ball teams and players who competed in our Spring 2012 session. Pictured here is Whatever who placed 1st in the Cheyenne Saloon division.

Our 9-ball Rally was held on Tuesday, September 17 at the Cheyenne Saloon. Players and teams were awarded with nearly $3,000 in cash and trophies. With a full field of 32 players, our tournament was amazingly fun! We coined it "Sleepless at the Cheyenne Saloon!"

In the end, it was John Walker who went undefeated and Jon Holman and Dustin Grady who made it to the top of the 1-loss side. Lino Garcia took 4th place. All in all, $420 was awarded to the winners of the tournament.

A special thanks to Jon and Jeannie for their contribution and hospitality!

Click here to see more photos and details on Facebook.

Congratulations Marilyn!

Marilyn wins 1st place in the ladies 8-ball pool tournament

It was ladies day at Larry's Hideaway on February 25, 2012. We awarded nearly $300 to the ladies of TAP Las Vegas for their excellence in playing pool in a double elimination 8-ball tournament.

In first place and undefeated was Marilyn Kamealoha! In addition to the cash, she won a place in the Western Women Charity Event to be held March 31 at the Rum Runner. We wish success in the upcoming competition!

Congratulations also to Debbie Evans in 2nd place, to Cindy Chappell in 3rd place, Leslie Weishar in 4th place and Nicole Civetz and Teresa Howard in 5th/6th place.

Our first TAP ladies day out was so much fun. We had 17 players and the overall consensus was for this tournament to become a regularly scheduled event. Watch for an updated schedule coming soon.

Thanks to everyone who played and to all of those who helped run the tournament, especially Donna Schwitters who stepped in and took the reins for quite some time.

A very special thanks to Lisa and her staff at Larry's Hideaway for the contribution and hospitality. As you can see from the picture, they have a great pool room.

Click here to visit our Facebook page and see all the pics.

10-Ball Tournament

Fear None wins first place in the 3-player 10-ball tournamentThe 1st 3-player 10-ball tournament took place on Saturday and Sunday, February 2 & 3, 2012 at the Las Vegas Cue Club.

Congratulations to Jonathan Navarro, Daphne Barzano and Thelou Tepait of Fear None for placing 1st! Congratulations also to Papa Joe's (Joe Wortham, Sr., Joe Wortham, Jr., JT Wortham and Nick Wortham) for winning 2nd place.

Thelou's team raised the bar and rocked the house going undefeated throughout the round robin competition. They won 9 consecutive matches. They went hill/hill in the semi finals against Mark Sharks and then won the finals against Papa Joe's, 2 - 0! That's 1 loss out of 14 matches!

Everyone had a great time, shared some laughter, competed well and made it home in time for the Superbowl. Thanks to everyone who came out to compete. Thanks to the staff at the Las Vegas Cue Club for their hospitality and contribution.

See all of the pool tournament pics on Facebook.

Click here to check out the Tournament Archive where we have all of the old news stored away for you.

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