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2013 TAP League Nationals
Chicago/St. Charles, IL
State Champion

Dale Weishar wins the ChampionshipCongratulations:

Dale "DJ" Weishar, Jr. (pictured here) for winning the Championship for Skill Level 2! DJ Wins the Championship FB Photo Album

Sharon GottschalkSharon Gottschalk for winning 4th Place in 8-Ball, Skill Level 3!

Jason Osborn for winning 5th-9th in 8-ball, Skill Level 5!

Andre Gray for winning 4th Place in 9-Ball, Skill Level 4/5!

Horseshoes & Hand Grenades for placing in the top 8 of the 8-Ball Elite Board!

Kelly Ashe, captain of Horseshoes and Hand GrenadesTeam 8 for winning 2nd Placeon the 8-Ball Championship Board.

That's How We Roll for winning an impressive 10 of 15 matches in the 8-ball round robin!

The Wizards for playing well and being just one match win away from the Elite Board.The Wizards

Mike Starr and Reese Romney for winning nearly all of their mini tournaments.

All in all, TAP Las Vegas players won over $4,000! The excitement of it all was amazing. Pheasant Run was a great venue with a sea of Diamond tables to start, indoor and outdoor heated pools and spas, beautiful views, golfing, good food, cocktails and shopping and restaurants surrounding the hotel.

Jeremy HeadLooking forward now to Dallas, Texas! Here we come!!

Attendees from the Vegas Masters were:

  1. Alex Peras (in place of John Walker), State Champion 6/7 Bracket
  2. Gerald Branham, 2nd Place
  3. Carlo Butto, State Champion 4/5 Bracket
  4. Scott Moden, 2nd Place

Tina Moden, State Champion 2/3 Bracket

Sharon Gottschalk, 2nd Place

2013 TAP League Nationals pool playersHorseshoes & Hand Grenades, 2013 8-Ball State Champions - Kelly Ashe, Captain; Kendra Harris, Sharon Gottschalk, Greg Kuhl, Rob Womble, Ricky Langston and Chris Howard

The Wizards, 2013 9-Ball State Champions - Glen Ivy, Captain; Doug Coffman, Matt Triana, Zeh Holcomb, Robert Cibrian, Jeff Chappell and Andre Gray

That's How We Roll, Vegas Masters, 2nd Place - Jeremy Head, Captain; Dale & Leslie Weishar, Jason Osborn, Reese Romney, Nicole Civetz, Steven Stokes and Mike Starr

Team 8, Vegas Masters, 3rd Place - Gerald Branham, Captain; Carlo Butto, Chris Adlawan, Lucy Hernandez and Jeremy Head

Dream Team Blackjack: Alex Pernas, Captain; Zeh Holcomb, Reese Romney, Carlo Butto, Scott Moden, Tina Moden, Gerald Branham and Cindy Chappell

Click on these links to see the photo albums in full downloadable resolution!

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DJ Wins the Championship

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