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Congratulations to ALL of the teams and players who competed in the 2012 Nationals in Charleston, South Carolina! Click on these links to see the photo albums in full downloadable resolution!

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Donna Schwitters wins 3rd place in 9-ball singles
Donna Schwitters - 3rd Place - 9-Ball Singles

Felt Up 8-ball pool team
Felt Up - Kelly Seeley, Teresa Howard, Gordon Graham,
Brian Erle and Michael Erle
8-Ball National Team Tournament - 9th Place

Felt Up played great with 7 points in the round robin, giving them a place on the Elite Board. In the first round, they went hill/hill. Teresa Howard made a $700 brutal bank shot in her sudden death match to win and move the team forward into the final 32!!! With the cue ball on one end of the table, her last ball on the other end and the 8-ball near the pocket, Teresa banked her ball clean into the pocket and left herself perfect on the 8-ball, which she nailed....putting her team in the top 32 and a prize of $700!! Next match, the teams go hill/hill and Teresa wins once again wins for the team, putting them in the final 16 at 9th place for $1,000!!!!

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly pool team
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (GBU) - Jim Eisenberg, Yvonne Thompson,
Jerry Lerner, Howard Dameron, Keith Parker, Marcel Macias and David Hanson

GBU did well also, making it to the 8-Ball team Elite Board. In their first round, the team went hill/hill leaving it all up to Yvonne in a sudden death match. She competed and won her match against a skill level 6 and put her team in the top 32 to win $700!!

Spanky and the Gang pool team
Spanky & The Gang - Gerald Branham, Alex Pernas, Robert Armstrong,
Luis Lugo and Junior Crespo

Spanky & The Gang II competed the Blue Gray Dream Team tournament. Team members included: Alex Pernas, Kelly Seeley, David Hanson, Jim Eisenberg, Gerald Branham, Larry "Buggs" Grillett and Michael Erle. Both of Spanky's teams played well with many hill/hill matches. They advanced to the Best of the Rest, but didn't quite make it to the money.

Also competing in singles were:

Alex Pernas
Alex Pernas, 8-Ball, Skill Level 7

Larry "Buggs" Grillett
Larry "Buggs" Grillett, 8-Ball & 9-Ball, Skill Level 4

David Hanson
David Hanson, 8-Ball, Skill Level 5

Gordon Graham
Gordon Graham, 8-Ball, Skill Level 7

Keith Parker
Keith Parker, 8-Ball, Skill Level 6

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