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Congratulations to ALL of the teams and players who competed in the 2011 Nationals at Bally's on The Strip! Everyone played their hearts out and had a great time. We met players from all over the United States and Canada. Scroll down to see the results and see all of our pool tournament photos on Facebook downloadable and in full resolution!


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Jim Eisenberg, Steve Stokes, Jaime Noriega (captain), David Hanson, Steve Stokes and Gerald Branham (not pictured: Howard Dameron

These guys were amazing placing in the top 16 in the 8-ball team competition. With such a great performance, after day one in the round robin, the team moved on to the Championship Board. They won their first round and went to hill/hill as a team in the 2nd match. Lastly, Jim Eisenberg shot an amazing match that went hill/hill. It was an intense match and he nearly won. We're very proud of the team. They performed well and showed great sportsmanship throughout the event, walking away with $900!

Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades
Horse Shoes & Hand Grenades
Greg Kuhl, Kendra Harris, Kelly Ashe (captain), Stephanie Dahlgren, Chris Howard, Theo Taylor and Kathy Kettel
(not pictured: Rob Womble)

Horse Shoes & Hand Grenades did well and finished in the top 32 winning of the 8-ball team competition! They placed on the Championship Board and won their first round and walked away with $600!

Whatever - Raymond Mattison, Sr., Raymond Mattison, Jr. (captain), Sean Ozaeta, Romeo Ancheta, Larry "Buggs" Grillett, Thelou Tepait and John Walker

Whatever shot well and made it to the 9-Ball Championship board. Unfortunately, they didn't quite make it to the money.

Gimme A Break
Gimme' A Break - Mike Starr (captain), Mark Lester, Smokey Hebert, Cindy Chappell (token cheerleader), Ted Rauenbuehler, Eddie Thomas and Joe Gregory

These guys really tried, but just didn't get the rolls. They competed in 8-ball, ended up on the Best of the Rest board and just out of the money.

Pool Problem
Pool Problem - Glen Ivy, Dan Dayan, Terry Burgess, Debbie Dios and Harold Shimojo

Pool Problem competed valiantly in the 9-ball team tournament, but unfortunately ended up on the Best of the Rest board and out of the money.

In the singles events......

Larry "Buggs" Grillet wins 3rd/4th Place in the 8-Ball
Championship 2/3 Bracket!

Alex Pernas
Alex Pernas wins 3rd/4th Place in the 8-Ball
Championship 7 Bracket!

Thelou Tepait
Thelou Tepait wins 5th-8th in the 9-Ball
Championship 7 Bracket!

Gerald Branham
Gerald Branham wins 5th-8th in the 8-Ball
Championship 6 Bracket!

Nick Wortham
Nick Wortham wins 2nd Place in the 8-Ball
Best of the Rest 2/3 Bracket!

Joe Wortham, Sr.
Joe Wortham, Sr. wins 3rd/4th Place in the 8-Ball
Best of the Rest 6 Bracket!

Romel Ancheta
Romel Ancheta wins 3rd/4th Place in the 8-Ball
Best of the Rest 5 Bracket!

Glen Ivy
Glen Ivy - Won three 8-ball mini-tournaments! He split on two and played one out winning a grand total of $250!

The following is a complete list of players who won their entry through competition at the host location and competed:

Las Vegas Cue Club/TAP LV


Thelou Tepait - Handicap 7
Ray Mattison, Jr. - Handicap 4


Nick Wortham - Handicap 2/3
Steve Lusher - Handicap 5
Alex Pernas - Handicap 7
Thelou Tepait - Handicap 7
Drew Stokes - Handicap 6
Mark Lester - Handicap 3
Smokey Hebert - Handicap 7
Debbie Evans - Handicap 3
Kelly Ashe - Handicap 5

Gin Mill - 8-Ball - Handicap 2-4

Rich MacDuff - Handicap 4

Double Diamond - 8-Ball

Gerald Branham - Handicap 6

Larry's Hideaway - 8-Ball

Marsha MacDuff - Handicap 2/3
Romel Ancheta - Handicap 5

Cheyenne Saloon - 9-Ball

Jason Larreau - Handicap 2/3

Other players competing in 8-ball were: Lawrence “Buggs” Grillett - Darryl Stewart - Anne Martinez - JT Wortham - Dawn Holland-Williams - Joe Wortham, Sr. - Greg Priest - Jason Osborn – Ron Armstrong – Greg Kuhl

In 9-ball were: Donna Schwitter - Dawn Holland-Williams - Jeremy Head

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