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TAP Las Vegas wins a record $6,425 at 2010 TAP League Nationals!

luisCongratulations to Luis Ocampo who won 1st place in 8-Ball Skill Level 2-3. Luis is the youngest player to have won this event! At age 18, Luis received $700, a fabulous trophy and a Poison jump cue. Luis also won 2 mini-tournaments! Luis is looking forward to competing in the 4 or even 5 bracket next year!

Congratulations and thanks to all of the teams and players who competed in TAP League Nationals at Bally's and all of our local sponsors (listed below). We had a very exciting and fun week with players from all over the United States and Canada.

nicole civetz - pool player

Click here to see more pics and scroll down to see the results and a list of all of the competitors!

vert eason

Rally at Bally's

Ace in the Bag
3rd/4th - $1,000

The Business
5th-8th - $600
Fun & Games and Magnum Force
Top 16 - $400

National 8-Ball Team

That's How We Roll
Top 32 - $800

thats how we roll
National 9-Ball Team

Sharp Shooters
Top 16 - $400

8-Ball Singles

alex pernasAlex Pernas - S/L 6
3rd/4th - $500

A very noteworthy achievement for Alex... during his first match, he made the 8 on the break three (3) times, winning 5 to 2! It was a very exciting match and the memory of his accomplishment will last a lifetime.

nick nowlanNick Nowlan - S/L 5 - 5th-8th - $500

John Spartichino - S/L 5 - 5th-8th - $500

Vert Eason - S/L 3 - 3rd/4th - $300

9-Ball Singles - S/L 2/3

Anne Martinez - 3rd Place - $350.00
Raymond Mattison, Jr. 5th-8th - $175

A special thanks to all of our local sponsors: Cheers, Cheyenne Saloon, Double Diamond, Las Vegas Cue Club, Mickey's Cues & Brews We are already looking forward to Nationals next year at Bally's!

Congratulations and thanks to all of the members of TAP Las Vegas who competed at the 2010 TAP League Nationals!

The following is a list of the 8-ball teams, 9-ball teams and 8-ball and 9-ball players who competed.

Click here to see the results and the pics and/or the picture above to see all the photos from the Vegas Billiards Buzz.

Vegas Masters 8-Ball Champions

  • Fun & Games (competing in Rally at Bally's)
    • Terry Lussier, Captain
    • Joe Bosco
    • Jerry Lerner
    • Howard Dameron
    • Daniel Kovac
  • Team 8 (competing in National team tourney)
    • Gerald Branham
    • Jeremy Head
    • Chris Adlawan
    • Lucy Hernandez
    • Carlo Butto
  • That's How We Roll (competing in National team tourney)
    • Jeremy Head, Captain
    • Dale Weishar
    • Leslie Weishar
    • Rick Vierkandt
    • Nicole Civetz
    • Kris Winn
    • Carlo Butto
  • Cheyenne TAP Out (competing in National team tourney)
    • Danny Dietrich, Captain
    • Doug Coffman
    • Danny Dayan
    • Vern Mundle
    • Ray Galaviz
    • Glen Ivy
    • Marilyn Kamealoha
    • Jeff Chappell

Vegas Masters 9-Ball Champions

  • Sharp Shooters (competing in National team tourney)
    • Leslie Weishar, Captain
    • Dale Weishar
    • Adam Philips
    • Nicole Civetz
    • Jeremy Head
    • Matt Adkins
    • Gary Harris
    • Debra Rocha
  • DILLIRGAF! (competing in National team tourney)
    • Ray Jones, Captain
    • Randy Mortensen
    • Omar Ortiz
    • Walter Famularo
    • Marilyn Kamealoha
    • Russ Williams
    • Rob Williams

Sponsored in 8- ball or 9-ball
by LV Cue Club & TAP Las Vegas

  • Michael Dick, Jr.
  • John Spartichino
  • Stan Kato
  • Raymond Mattison, Jr.
  • Alex Pernas
  • Omar Ortiz
  • Vert Eason
  • Allen Cocks

Sponsored in 8-Ball by Cheers Bar

  • Jaime Noriega
  • Mark Boyer

Sponsored in 8-Ball by the Double Diamond

  • Randy Kukla
  • Glen Ivy

Sponsored in 9-Ball by the Cheyenne Saloon

  • Danny Dietrich
  • Matt Adkins

Winner of the 9-Ball Singles at Mickey's

  • Ray Jones

Playing in Rally at Bally's

  • The Business from Friday Viking - Dan Sikoski, Captain; Janet Sikoski, Laurie Boyer, Mark Boyer, Allen Cocks, Rick Hoy, Chris McCurley and Rodney Swan
  • Magnum Force - Jaime Noriega, Captain; Alfredo Villasana, Vert Eason, Mark Lester, Drew Stokes, Ryan Caparida, Michael Dick and Howard Dameron
  • Fun & Games from Monday Mickey's - Terry Lussier; Captain, Sherry Lussier, Joe Bosco, Jerry Lerner, Howard Dameron, Daniel Kovac, John Spartichino and Henry Tyler
  • Ace in the Bag from Friday Joss - Luis Junior Crespo, Captain; Alex Pernas, Peter Maanao, Vert Eason, Jason Osborn, Wendy Dayton, Alfredo Villasana and Drew Stokes

Playing in Singles

  • Anne Martinez
  • Luis Ocampo
  • Vert Eason
  • Nick Nowlan
  • Jason Osborn
  • Sondra Friestad
  • Jerry Sceusa
  • Will Diethardt
  • Gordon Graham

The 2010 TAP League National Team & Singles and Rally at Bally's (dream team) Tournaments were held  at Bally’s in Las Vegas on The Strip from November 3 thru 7.

Rally at Bally's

Form your own teams with a maximum team handicap of 25.


Players can either win a sponsored entry at one of our tournaments or buy in. Compete against your own skill level against players from across the country and Canada.

Team Nationals

Teams earn their way into this tournament by competing in league each week, placing in their division and finally competing against the rest of the league in our Annual Vegas Masters Tournaments for 8-Ball and 9-Ball.

Contact us by phone at 702-558-7665 or send us an email.

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