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nationalsWe started the week off on Sunday night (November 8) with a Players Welcome Party that included FREE food, FREE drinks and FREE pool on all pristine Diamond tables! I must say, TAP League knows how to host parties and tournaments! Great extra $1's to spend and 100% payback!

link Click here to play the video!

kuhl teamOn Monday, the teams were up bright and early to start the round robin event. Kuhl Team (Greg Kuhl, Kathy Kettel, Ed Carrion, Rob Womble and Jerry Sceusa) ended the day with 10 out of 15 points and Dan's Double Diamond (Christina Kolkhorst, Ed Kovacs, Tony Burton, Laurie Boyer, Dan and Janet Sikoski and Allen Cocks) with 9 out of 15 points. Both of these teams moved on to the Championship Board for a chance at $10,000 and pool cues! DILLIGAF (Fred Koshmerl, Penny McAdow, Walter Famularo, Bob Baker, Sheila Dewees-Becker and George Rice) had a tough time on Monday, but still moved on in the Best of the Rest tournament for a chance at $3,000.

On Tuesday, all the teams began the single elimination tournaments with great spirits. They were shooting well and hungry for the victory.

Kuhl Team and Dan's Double Diamond both went hill/hill and nearly took their opponents. It was dans double diamondonly by a small fraction that these teams unfortunately did not get to move on.

DILLIGAF went in with their spirits high and a strong drive to win. They played well and it was absolutely heart breaking in the end when they lost.

Although the big tournaments were lost for the teams, their spirits were not broken. The players went on to compete in mini tournaments where Allen Cocks took 1st place in a 8-ball tournament, Mark Boyer took 1st place in a 9-ball tournament and Mark & Jeff took 2nd place in an 8-ball Scotch doubles tournament!

The 9-Ball singles double elimination tournament began Tuesday night for Mark Boyer and Matt Adkins. That night each of the guys lost a match, but of course moved on in the B side (much better term than the loser's side!). dilligafmatt and mark

Wednesday started and the guys were still winning. Matt was triumphant and went on to take 9th place and win some cash and Mark came in at a respectable 13th place.

On another positive note, we ended up with some free time to do some site seeing in Charleston, South Carolina and enjoy some of the local food and spirits.

Downtown Charleston proved to be a great place to eat, drink and have fun! We enjoyed some awesome fresh seafood, friendly people and cheap drinks!

To top things off, TAP League also arranged for a spectacular FREE cook-to-order breakfast every morning and an OPEN BAR with FREE food every evening for all the players and their guests!

All the teams and players are looking forward to the 2010 Vegas Masters and a chance to do it all over again in Vegas!

Click here to see all the pics! Be sure to turn up your speakers!

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