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Art's Kids
Art's Kids: Norm Thibodeau, Marvin Menesini, Art Gutierrez, Captain; Angie Jurros, Jim Dewitt,
Eric Eller and Jerry Sceusa

In 2007, with about 20 teams in our new league, Art's Kids was the first team to advance and compete in Nationals in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Although they didn't make it to the money, we had FUN! We didn't have our camera with us during this trip. The only other photo we have is the awesome view from our window (scroll down).

Art passed away on April 10, 2010 at age 67. Many of us have some great stories of our times with Art. He loved to party. On this trip to Myrtle Beach, Art made friends with the Canadians on our first night. The bar closed and we stayed up all night with the Canadians and their Labatt Blue beer, which apparently has more alcohol that U.S. beer. Who knew?

Art will be deeply missed. He was a decorated war veteran, great friend and good pool player. Most would agree, it was always fun when Art was around.

myrtle beach, south carolina

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