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TAP League Nationals and Dream Team
8-Ball & 9-Ball Tournaments

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2017 TAP Nationals

Wow! What a whirlwind few days! Nationals was held at the Orleans in fabulous Vegas October 21 through 26, 2017.

Vegas came through very STRONG in 2017 with many winners including 3 TAP National Champions! Claiming our record portion of the TAP Nationals PIE with over $12K CA$H!  See our pics!

john campana
9-Ball Singles Results

John Campana, aka Johnny Vegas - TAP National Champion, Skill Level 3!

Brian Deluca - 3rd Place, Championship, Skill Level 4

Glen Ivy & Bryan Bushong - 9th-16th, Championship, Skill Level 4

Rick Vierkandt - 2nd Place, Best of the Rest, Skill Level 4

Zeh Holcomb - 9th-16th, Championship, Skill Level 5

Brad Huffman - 3rd, Championship, Skill Level 6

Jim Carmona - 3rd, Skill Level 7

troy jones 8-ball champion
8-Ball Singles Results

Michael Mosse - 1st Place, Best of the Rest, Skill Level 2/3

Troy Jones - TAP National Champion, Skill Level 4

Eric Nguyen - 3rd Place, Championship (A), Skill Level 5

Mike Najarian 8-ball champion

Randy Reinfeldt - 5th-8th, Championship (A), Skill Level 5

Christina Jeff - 2nd Place, Championship (B), Skill Level 5

Cody Thomas - 5th-8th, Championship (B), Skill Level 5

Jason Osborn and & Keith Thome - 9th-16th, Championship, Skill Level 6

Mike Najarian - 8-Ball TAP National Champion, Skill Level 6

Brad Huffman - 5th, Championship, Skill Level 6

Tim Kovacs - 1st, Best of the Rest, Skill Level 6

Trick Sixty, Allen Cocks, and Jim Carmona - 5th-8th, Championship, Skill Level 7

john stanelle 8-ball champion
8-Ball Team Results

Knuckleheads, State Champions - 3rd Place Championship (B)

Strangers with Candy - 9th Place Championship (A)

Silver State Dream Team, ALL IN, 16th-32nd, Championship Board

8-Ball Scotch Doubles

Carlo Bellestri Sr/ Carlo Bellestri Jr., 3rd, Championship

Mike Najarian/Randy Reinfeldt & Zach Franzi/Randy Kukla -5th-8th, Championship

Martin Amador/Jimbo Harper - 1st Place Best of the Rest

Christina Jeff/ Angel Garcia - 2nd on the Best of the Rest


Click here to see all the winners of the Vegas Masters State Championship Tournaments who will be representing Las Vegas at TAP Nationals

Representing TAP Las Vegas at singles were:

Skill Level 2/3 - 8 Ball

Elmer Kurr
Celeste Smith
Donna Schwitters
Michael Mosse
Kara Lynn Moden
Linda Barton
Debbie Hughes
Justin Rogers
John Campana
Gina Valerio
Chris Genovese
Kyoko Fultz

Skill Level 2/3 - 9 Ball

Elmer Kurr
Michael Mosse
Donna Schwitters
Gina Valerio
John Campana
Justin Rogers

Skill Level 4 - 8 Ball

Dawn Holland Williams
Annette Lynn Way
Sawyer Myers
Christina Jeff
Carlos Zelidon
Brian Deluca
Zack Franzi
Troy Jones
Laila Landers
Joe Jaramillo
Chris Clark
Steve Kalikhman

Skill Level 4 - 9 Ball

Chris Herrera
Brian Deluca
Rick Vierkandt
Bryan Bushong
Eric Kintzer
Dawn Holland Williams
Glen Ivy

Skill Level 5 - 8 Ball

Khoa"Jack" Nguyen
Darrell Jeff
Cody Thomas
Doug Cacciola
Chris Herrera
Rick Vierkandt
Andy Secker
Cheryl Kraft
Shannon Hughes
Randy Reinfeldt
Ray Mattison Jr
Gerald Branham
Eric Nguyen
Glen Ivy
Jeff Fultz
Arvin Omolon

Skill Level 5 - 9 Ball

Shannon Hughes
Zeke DeRose
Jason Osborn
Zeh Holcomb
Randy White

Skill Level 6 - 8 Ball

Zeke DeRose
Jason Osborn
Jerry Gronewold Jr
Michael Najarian
Tim Kovacs
Brad Huffman
Aubrey Robinson
Keith Thome
Randy White

Skill Level 6 - 9 Ball

Randy Reid
Brad Huffman

Skill Level 7 - 8 Ball

Bobby Butler
Allen Cocks
George Specht
Joe Cannella
Trick Sixty
Alex Pernas
Jim Carmona
Randy Kukla
Thelou Tepait

Skill Level 7 - 9 Ball

Trick Sixty
Joe Cannella
Jim Carmona
Randy Kukla

Scotch Doubles

Andy Secker/ Cheryl Kraft
Connie Foschi/ Andrew Stokes
Zeh Holcomb/ John Voit
Darrell Jeff/ Donna Schwitters
Christina Jeff/ Angel Garcia
Mike Najarian/ Randy Reinfeldt
Martin Amador/ Jimbo Harper
Zeke DeRose/ Chris Herrera
Dawn Holland Williams/ Doug Cacciola
Carlo Bellistri Jr/ Carlo Bellistri Sr
Zach Franzi/ Randy Kukla

Pool tournaments at our National events include:

Singles - 8-Ball and 9-Ball: Buy in or advance by competing in the annual Vegas Masters MVP Tournament Series.

National Team - 8-Ball and 9-Ball: Earn a place in these tournaments by placing in the Annual Vegas Masters State Championship and National Qualifiers. 1 in every 15 to 18 teams will be awarded entry.

Silver State Dream Team - 8-Ball - Form your own team and buy in to this 8-ball tournament. Teams consist of current and active qualified TAP League players from all across the U.S. and Canada.  Limited entry.

Annual WPBA Entry 9-Ball Tournament for the ladies!  Winner of this tournament advances to compete in the WPBA US Open in Pittsburgh.   The format will be 9-ball with no handicaps, race to 5, round robin into single elimination. Top woman will be awarded entry, room and transportation plus cash awards.

Mini-tournaments are held throughout the events.

Visit the main TAP League web site to see the latest information.

National Qualifications

1) Players must be an active player in the format (8-Ball or
9-Ball) you qualified for.
2) Players must be paid up to date on all leagues fees and membership dues.
3) Players must have a minimum of 6 played matches in the format you qualified for (8-Ball or 9-Ball) between June 5 and September 25, 2017.
4) Players must have 10 lifetime matches played in the format they are competing in.

Contact us by phone at 702-558-7665 or send us an email.

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