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Captains' Tournament

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Each year, TAP Las Vegas hosts the Captains' Tournament to give a special thank you to all of our team captains. We hold the utmost respect and appreciation for these folks. They do a lot to help make our league the absolute best in the Vegas valley. They deserve their own special event.

The 2016 Captains Tournament will be held in spring 2017. This event was delayed due Jeff Chappell's (your league operator) injury. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Click here to see how to qualify for this grand event! To preserve the integrity of the tournament, participation in this event is by invitation only.

7th Annual Captains Tournament

The 2015 Captains Tournament was held on Saturday, October 17, 2015 at Mickey's Cues & Brews. Captains gathered to compete for their share of over $700 in cash and prizes and enjoy lunch from West Coast BBQ.

good job

Congratulations to:

  • Jason Osborn and Troy Jones for winning 1st Place!!
  • 3rd Place -  Joe Valdez
  • 4th Place - Lloyd Gagnon
  • 5th/6th Place - Charlie Medeiros and Julian Johnson
  • 7th/8th Place - Ron Green and Joe Wortham

Everyone was a winner! Thanks to Donna Schwitters, Scott Moden, Darrell Jeff and all those who helped out to make the day great. A special thanks to the other sponsors of this grand event: Chappell Billiards, Cheers Bar, Rum Runner, Torrey Pines Pub, Pool Sharks, Mickey's Cues & Brews and Goodtimez Billiards.

6th Annual Captains Tournament

Rob and Allen, pool players and captainsDonnaWhat a great day!!!! The 6th Annual Captains Tournament was held on October 26, 2014, where once again, we awarded well over $1,000 in cash and prizes, along with a fabulous lunch and dessert from Freeds Bakery!

Congratulations to Rob Hately for winning 1st Place and to Allen Peterson for winning 2nd Place (pictured on the left); to Joe Wortham, Jr. in 3rd Place; Joe Wortham, Sr. in 4th Place; Donna Schwitters (pictured on the right with her new tablet, with Scorekeeper loaded and ready to go) and Jaime Noriega in 5th/6th Place; Dale Weishar and Christina Jeff in 7th/8th Place; Randy Reinfeldt, Leslie Weishar, Kyle Loman and Troy Jones in 9th-12th Place.

Cheers BarEveryone was a winner, taking away a prize based on where they placed, enjoying a home cooked meal and the company of so many great people!

A special thanks to our sponsors, Cheers Bar, 7-11 Bar and our host, Mickey's Cues & Brews who provided awesome Diamond tables and hospitality!

See all the pics on the TAP Las Vegas Facebook page.

5th Annual Captains Tournament

Captains 8-ball tournament

The 5th Annual Captains Tournament was held on October 20, 2013 where we awarded over $1,000 in cash and prizes!!

With 28 awesome players, 8 pool tables, food, booze, attentive bartenders and prizes for all, the day was sure to be a good one.

Congratulations to all of the winning players and thanks to everyone who came out to play!

Good JobIn 1st/2nd Place were Bill Kurr and Alex Pernas. Bill made it to the top of the winners side undefeated! Ironically, it was Bill who defeated Alex near the end of the winners side, only to meet him in the finals!

Bill had his eye on the Viking cue, the two made a gentlemen's agreement and Alex walked away with cash and Bill with the Viking cue valued at over $500 donated by Chappell Billiards! It was a beauty!

Good JobOther awesome winners included Dustin Grady in 3rd place, Troy Jones in 4th place, Joe Wortham, Sr. and Lynn Easton in 5th/6th place and Carmel Pacheteau and Kelly Ashe in 7th/8th place.

A very special thanks to Putters for their generous contribution and hospitality! Thanks also to the other sponsors of this event, whom collectively provided a raffle prize for every participant! Thanks Jackie Shirley for contributing an autographed copy of the 1st Edition of Running the Table for all of the participating captains! Check out the latest edition of "Running the Table, The Story of Tama Thunder," by Jackie Shirley."

Deep Pockets Putters
Cheers Gin Mill
Santa Fe Mining Company Cheyenne Saloon
7-11 Bar Stake Out

4th Annual Captains' Tournament
October 2012

Dawn Holland-Williams wins 1st place in the Captains 8-ball pool tournamentOver $1,000 in cash and prizes were awarded at the 2012 Captains' Tournament! We had a full field of 32 players registered to compete.

Congratulations to all of the winning players! Dawn Holland-Williams won 1st place nearly undefeated! She won the grand prize, the McDermott October Cue of the Month!

  • 2nd Place: Allen Allen Cocks, 2nd place in the pool tournamentCocks (pictured here)
  • 3rd Place: Ray Mattison, Jr.
  • 4th Place: Edith Guelker
  • 5th/6th Place: Alex Pernas and Allen Peterson
  • 7th/8th Place: Eva DeLeon and Jim Eisenberg

In the end, it was Dawn in the hot seat competing against Allen Cocks in the finals. Allen won the 1st match in a hill/hill battle. Coming from the 1-loss side, they still had a final match for the victory. Dawn took that final match and won the tournament!

Our captains enjoyed a feast prepared by their league operators and each captain received a free raffle ticket with their entry. As the tickets were drawn, they were given the opportunity to select a gift provided by our sponsors listed below. Everyone was a winner! A big and special thanks to the sponsors of this event:

Sporting Chance, Cheyenne Saloon, Legends Bar,
Gin Mill, Fast Break, 7-11 Bar, Chappell Billiards,
Larry "Buggs" Grillett and Cheers Bar

We greatly appreciate the support of our sponsors, as do the players!

Thanks also to Steve, Shawn and Robin of Mickey's Cues & Brews for their hospitality! They provide a great place for us to host our tournaments!

Click here to see all of the pictures.

3rd Annual Captains' Tournament
December 2011

Captains 8-ball pool tournament$900 in cash and prizes were awarded at the 2011 Captains Tournament! Our captains deserve every penny! They do so much throughout the year and are greatly appreciated.

Hideaway Hustlers were IN THE HOUSE! Thelou Tepait, Omar Ortiz and Buggs all made it to the top of the chart. Congratulations! Knowing how well Thelou was shooting....LIGHTS OUT....they gave Thelou first choice and he was awarded $160! Buggs chose the McDermott Red Dragon and Omar took $100.

Congrats also to our other winners. Stan Wylazowski won 4th place and chose the McDermott MG cue. Kelly Ashe and William Etienne won 5th/6th for $50 each. Marilyn and Junior won 7th/8th for $25 each.

Players enjoyed a great lunch Kelly Ashe wins 5th placeprepared by two of your own famous chefs who shall remain nameless and received a raffle ticket for a FREE drawing :o) The most noteworthy winners were Dale & Leslie "LUCKY" Weishar who each won their choice of Sharkin U t-shirts. What are the chances of both of their tickets being drawn?

A special thanks to Buggs for preparing his famous salad that everyone loved. Thanks also to Buggs for donating the bottles of booze to our drawing.

Another special thanks to Mickey's Cues & Brews for their contribution and hospitality. Tony, Steve and Robin were great hosts as always. We greatly appreciate all that they do for our players!

Click here to visit our Facebook page and see all of the pics.

Scroll down to see the results of our first two tournaments.

2nd Annual Captains Tournament
December 2010

kelly ashe and kris winn

A big thanks to all of our captains and congratulations to those who placed in the 2nd Annual Captains 8-Ball Tournament. Our captains help to make our league the best the valley has to offer and we greatly appreciate their efforts!

With a full 32 tournament bracket, everyone had a great time playing pool and feasting on homemade chili, ham, salad and cookies and won over $800 in cash and prizes.

A special thanks to Anzel for helping to prepare our feast and to Shawn, Robin, Steve and Tony from Mickey’s Cues & Brews for their donation and hospitality. Here are the final results…….

  • 1st Place – Kris Winn – passed on the cue to 2nd place and took $150.00 cold hard cash!
  • 2nd Place – Kelly Ashe – Cuetec 360 Inlay Series pool cue valued at $300.00!
  • 3rd Place – Fred Keller - $100
  • 4th Place – Henry Tyler - $75
  • 5th Place – Jon Holman – passed on the $50.00 and took the TAP embroidered 2 X 2 Porper cue case
  • 6th Place – Terry Lussier - $50.00
  • 7th Place – Omar Ortiz - $25.00
  • 8th Place – Danny Valdez – Chose a red circle cue ball
  • 9th Place – Bill Etienne – Chose a TAP embroidered polo shirt
  • 10th Place – Bruce Brumm – has not chosen his prize yet
  • 11th Place – Danny Dietrich – Q-Claw
  • 12th Place – Jodi Hope – Q-Claw

Click here to see all of the pics.

1st Annual Captains' 8-Ball Tournament

The 1st Annual Captains' 8-Ball Tournament was held at Mickey's Cues & Brews on Sunday, December 6, 2009. Over $1,000 in cash and prizes were awarded to the winning captains.

Click here to see all of the pics in our photo album and/or become a TAP Las Vegas Facebook Fan!

Congratulations goes to Gerald Branham for taking 1st and 6th place (he captains 2 teams and entered twice) earning $310!

Kris Winn for taking 2nd place and earning a beautiful McDermott Smooth Blade Cue of the Month!

Mark Mahon for taking 3rd place and earning $140!mark

Gina Aragon for taking 4th place and earning $95.00

Omar Ortiz (pictured here with his lovely lady) in 5th Place earning a McDermott Dark English pool cue

Other winners included Danny Valdez and Ray Jones in 7th and 8th place. Danny opted for one of our custom polo shirts, while Ray took the new TAP 8-Ball Muncher shirt.

Tournament Requirements/Qualifications

  • Captains must be current and active members of TAP Las Vegas.
  • All league fees must be current.
  • Have 6 matches played in the 16 weeks prior and have 10 lifetime matches.  This requirement may be waived for new captains in the fall session.  Players may compete at a higher handicap, as determined by the league office.
  • Must have captained a team and performed the functions of a team captain for 2 sessions in the current year. The 2 session and match requirement for fall captains may be waived, as determined by the league office.
  • No substitute players will be allowed. It is an honor and a privilege to compete in this tournament, therefore, participation is restricted to captains only. It is very obvious to us who the team captains are, as we interact with them on a regular basis and they are taking care of the paperwork that is turned in to the league office.
  • Captains who play 9-ball only will be audited and assigned an 8-ball handicap for the tournament by the league operators and vice versa.
  • To better maintain the integrity of this tournament, this tournament is by invitation only. Requests may be made to attend this tournament, however, they will be subject to review and decided by the League Office and/or Advisory Board on a case by case basis.
  • Where we see a true split in duties over the year, exceptions to allow 2 captains into this tournament may be made, but again, are subject to review by the league office/Advisory Board on a case-by-case basis.

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